Shonaleeka Kaul

Pipedreams for Indian Academia - II

A good bit of the teaching done at India's formal centres of higher learning today, especially in our metropolises, tends to rely on imported Euro-American theories, concepts, methods and ideologies.

17 Feb 2022

Pipe dreams for Indian Academia — I

The earlier system of promoting teachers just by virtue of their having lived out a certain number of years in the system allowed many individuals to slip into a complacent disregard.

16 Jan 2022

From space to consciousness: Indic architecture-II

The temple plan thus symbolised the 'descent and ascent of consciousness' to quote R Nagaswamy, and provided for the merger of exterior with interior, or of eternal consciousness with that of devotee.

14 Dec 2021

From space to consciousness: Indic architecture – I

What is the practice of architecture meant to effect in human terms? A separation or a continuum? A split or equipoise? Alienation or belonging?

11 Nov 2021

Kashmir: A Forgotten History – V

So thoroughly Indic was Kashmir’s foundational history and so crucial was Kashmiri participation in the subcontinent’s affairs in the longue durée.

22 Oct 2021

Kashmir: A forgotten history - III

Kashmir has been a part of pan-Indian political formations from the very beginning, i.e the 3rd century BCE Mauryan Empire that stretched across the subcontinent.

15 Jul 2021

Kashmir: A forgotten history – II

This series presents the staggering historical evidence of the connected histories of Kashmir and the rest of India, which the world has conveniently forgotten

22 Jun 2021