Shreya Veronica

Keep calm and plant away

Monsoon is here and June is a magical month for plant lovers. Nurseries across Hyderabad are packed with customers looking for new varieties to adorn their homes and expand their kitchen gardens. 

12 Jun 2021

When memesters turn Good Samaritans

We can all agree that this lockdown, somehow, seems more harsh and traumatic.

10 Jun 2021

Who wore it better?

Meet these youngsters who take inspiration from celebs and revamp their wardrobe regularly, with a personal touch

09 Jun 2021

Look like a million bucks

Now, you can look like a million bucks by sitting at home and without burning a hole in your wallet.

09 Jun 2021

World Environment Day: Mission restoration

In the last one year, the world has been through a lot -- a pandemic and a string of disasters.

05 Jun 2021

Will physical classrooms live only in our memories now?

Students and teachers reminisce about the good old days of offline classroom teaching

03 Jun 2021

Daydreaming about next vacation as lockdown blues hit Hyderabadis

It’s been two summers since they’ve jetted off to their favourite vacay spot with their friends and family.

02 Jun 2021

Korean series stealing hearts

Many in the city are binge-watching Korean serials during lockdown. Fans tell us why they love these serials

02 Jun 2021

Early to bed, early to rise...

Now with Hyderabad locked down and everyone forced to stay indoors, people are doing something or the other, apart from WFH, to make life interesting. 

01 Jun 2021

Keep calm and compost

Those scraps and peels which you junk every time you cook can be used to make a rich compost which is a great fertiliser for your plants.

29 May 2021

Smashing in florals

Has this ever happened with you? Every time you run a Google search on the latest fashion trends, invariably floral designs are in the ‘top 10 wardrobe must-haves’.

27 May 2021

Junk the tacky, go for classy

That cliched ‘Home Sweet Home’ plaque hanging in your drawing room and the dusty ‘Welcome’ doormat have no place in today’s homes.

26 May 2021

Reuniting with F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Die-hard fans in Hyderabad have been waiting for this reunion to happen for years now. We speak to some of them to find out how they plan to catch up on the upcoming episode. 

22 May 2021

Gyms shut? Fitness freaks in Hyderabad do 'jugaad' to stay in shape

With the help of their trainers, they have either set up home gyms or are simply using whatever they find around them to flex those muscles. 

20 May 2021

Find calm in chaos with meditation

Ahead of World Meditation Day, experts explain the importance of meditation during these trying times

20 May 2021