Fostering through donation

A milk bank in the city is giving several newborns and mothers a new lease of life, but the road to it, is not without challenges

27 Jul 2022

Making sense of noise

Swapath from Rhythm Moves World started an interesting concept called Drum With Freedom that helps people participate and play any kind of drum with no demand for perfection.

27 Jul 2022

Cultivating passion, reaping value

Known for his creative version of ad films and the essence that he brings to an advertisement, popular ad filmmaker Prahlad Kakkar was in town during the weekend.

26 Jul 2022

The art of packing a blow

How many of us have heard of the sport Taekwondo.

26 Jul 2022

Say ciao to Italian brunch

Chef Siddharth Yelakanti served us some must-try dishes from the menu that left us wanting more.

23 Jul 2022

Bonalu in your tummy

The décor of the place is filled with all kinds of Bonalu glitters and flowers that adorn the dine-in section.

23 Jul 2022

Bring home a little Bihar

The touch of handloom weaves, and the feel of hand-made articles and other artefacts take us to another world.

22 Jul 2022

Marrying art with class

One of the most important things that make a house a home is its furnishing and the urban crowd has been taking up the task of setting up their pretty homes, very seriously.

21 Jul 2022

Munch on fibre this monsoon

Choose seasonal fruits and vegetables and those rich in vitamin C.

20 Jul 2022

Work, cook, garden, repeat

Suma Kanakala, a powerhouse of talent and energy, gets candid with CE about how she loosens up after a hectic week at work

20 Jul 2022

On a gastronomic journey

CE chats with Amar Ohri, the owner of Ohri’s group about his humble beginnings, the city connect and the path ahead

19 Jul 2022

An accessible green cart

Ever since it dawned on us that the everyday choices we make, make or break the planet’s green ecosystem, many of us have been putting in great efforts to look for sustainable alternatives.

19 Jul 2022

Imitating perfection

Unlike jokes that you know are going to elicit a response, mimicry requires not just skill but also observation, patience, practice and hard work, says Shiva.

19 Jul 2022

Time for some OkRA

CE checks out the latest brunch offering from Marriott’s Okra

16 Jul 2022

Digitally impressing people

Speaking about how he started digital artwork, the artist shares, “I have been an artist for 40 years now and  wanted to try out the latest technology that’s how I explored digital medium.

14 Jul 2022