Your immunity has a life span

The human body has many cells with unique responsibilities. Some keep the person alive, others build muscle structure, and some maintain the functions of the body, etc.

29 Jun 2022

Code your mind through the 'Art of Affirmation'

Sister Shivani, who made her audience rethink their thoughts, stressed that if people start practising affirmations daily, leading a positive and happy life isn’t a distant dream.

29 Jun 2022

The sky is his limit for this young  innovator and entrepreneur

The innovator and entrepreneur, who is building gadgets and software that help solve real-world problems, speaks to CE about his ideas, future and more.

28 Jun 2022

Beyond Baklava

Celebrity chef Eyup Kemal Sevinc has brought Turkey cuisine to Hyderabad at the Flavours Of Turkiye food fest. He opens up with CE about the cuisine, the menu, his journey thus far, and more

25 Jun 2022

Taste of the alphabet

From Avocado dark chocolate mousse (yes, you read that right) to the Zucchini upside down, the spread is more than what comes to the mind when you think ‘healthy dessert’. 

25 Jun 2022

Grab the last bite of Mango

As it’s time to bid the mango season goodbye, here’s a restaurant that helps you do it in style with its promising Mango Mania food festival — an entire meal made of mangoes

25 Jun 2022

Healthified vegan brunch

Celebrity nutritionist Sridevi Jasti presents a proteinaceous vegan menu with the flavours of Telangana for Sunday brunch at Novotel  

22 Jun 2022

Yoga, in style

Yoga enthusiasts and influencers share how cool yet comfortable yoga outfits can fit well while also not restricting movement

21 Jun 2022

Telugu Indian Idol: A victory of responsibility

Season 1 of the Telugu Indian Idol surprised us all with its viewership, content and talent on Aha. 

19 Jun 2022

Old platform, new appetisers

The restaurant that serves food on miniature trains that run on a table, has changed its menu. The new menu is all about starters — a whole lot of them!   

18 Jun 2022

Exploring nostalgia

Rohit Swain, a well-known comedian from the city, shares his memories of Internet Explorer and how it was one of the most expensive things to use back then.

16 Jun 2022

Underneath the glitz and glamour

Designers from the city open up to CE about the darker side of the fashion industry and how they cope with it all.

15 Jun 2022

Music, its lesson & memories

Indian Idol Telugu’s top 5 contestants get candid with CE as they open up about their journey, memorable and funniest moments on and off the sets.

14 Jun 2022

Old charm, new taste for newly renovated Farze Cafe on Jubilee Hills

One of Hyderabad’s favourite cafes, Farzi, is back in a new avatar. The chef speaks to CE about all that’s new

11 Jun 2022

Walk into a mini Gujarat

Each state of our country has a rich history, culture and heritage, but to be able to visit them all in our lifetime could be an impossible task for many.

09 Jun 2022