Boldness and elegance with Kavya Potluri's jewelry

A look at Kavya Potluri’s Instagram page (@kavyapotluriofficial) will tell you that the wearer needs to meet the label halfway.

22 Mar 2022

Mountains Calling

For most of us, winter is probably our favourite season. The nip in the air, the warmth of the woolens and the pipping hot food makes it the best time to take a trip.

21 Mar 2022

It’s all a balancing act

Shilpa Datla has more to her than just being a businesswoman. Her life is exquisite, just like her French patisserie, and so is her innate nature.

20 Mar 2022

Return of the potlis

Potli food, locally called Potlam-style food, has taken over the menu of many restaurants in town. These not only look great on the plate, but are also packed with deep flavours and textures.

19 Mar 2022

Low-calorie beers are now a thing 

Hyderabad already has so many places serving freshly brewed beer and boasts of a bustling market for it.

17 Mar 2022

The ‘Holi’ spirit 

What’s Holi without those extravagant parties! Aditya Jain, an event planner, is looking forward to hosting the big bash, ‘Rangreza’, this year.

17 Mar 2022

When Azadi meant death

Soon after the release of the film, Kashmir Files, social media was abuzz with memories of the dark days of the exodus.

17 Mar 2022

Tried and tasted

Life hasn’t been a bed of roses for Mohammed Abdul Majeed, the owner of Pista House, who has clawed his way back to the top from the brink of poverty. Here is his story

15 Mar 2022

Spring edit

Archana Jaju is well-known for her hand-crafted designs in the fashion industry.

15 Mar 2022

Brainstorming for a better tomorrow

A one-of-its-kind round table conference called the Youth Cafe was held at The Park Hyatt on Friday.

12 Mar 2022

Stop that pill-popping habit

City doctors explain about the dangers of self-medication and the need to control  the availability of 
over-the-counter drugs 

09 Mar 2022

Heights of thrill: indoor skydiving soon to become reality

Two cousins chanced upon the idea of indoor skydiving which will soon become a reality in a month

08 Mar 2022

Making ‘way’ when the sun shines

Women entrepreneurs have been taking centre stage in all that they’re stepping foot into.

08 Mar 2022

Proudly Parsi

Parsi chefs in the city weigh in on the debate over keeping it authentic or experimenting with traditional Parsi cuisine

05 Mar 2022

Where acts take shape

Theatre artiste Jay Jha speaks to CE about founding Rangbhoomi and the need for more such cultural spaces in Hyderabad

03 Mar 2022