Making ‘way’ when the sun shines

Women entrepreneurs have been taking centre stage in all that they’re stepping foot into.

08 Mar 2022

Proudly Parsi

Parsi chefs in the city weigh in on the debate over keeping it authentic or experimenting with traditional Parsi cuisine

05 Mar 2022

Where acts take shape

Theatre artiste Jay Jha speaks to CE about founding Rangbhoomi and the need for more such cultural spaces in Hyderabad

03 Mar 2022

What killed Zain

Satya Nadella’s son Zain, who died on Feb 28, had suffered  uterine asphyxia which caused cerebral palsy 

02 Mar 2022

Pitching fitness as a lifestyle

Celebrity trainer Dr Minash Gabriel on his journey in the fitness industry

02 Mar 2022