The fury of the West Nile Fever

So before the WhatsApp forwards reach you, we speak to doctors in the city who tell us everything about Nile fever. 

01 Jun 2022

Hyderabad-based Susmitha Lakkakula urges to move over traditional tailoring

Cloudtailor app founder Susmitha Lakkakula shares about her plans to revolutionise the fashion community.

31 May 2022

Taking the fusion route

In a candid conversation with CE, chef Sombir Choudhary talks about his newly-curated menu at Voila, what fusion means to him, and Hyderabad’s  growing gastronomy

28 May 2022

Monkeypox Panic or not? 

Even as graphic images of rashes and boils have been going viral on the internet, doctors allay fears about the new virus  

25 May 2022

Nail it! Like Alia  

Gone are the days of the classic manicure.

24 May 2022

Treat to the eyes

In the day and age of Instagrammable food, restaurants talk to CE about the need for presentation and good plating.

21 May 2022

‘Bottle’ it out

Bottles were flipped in the air, spun around, beverages poured and served with flair and flamboyance amid cheers at Posh Nosh, Jubilee Hills on Tuesday.

18 May 2022

Sweat it out in the pool

Swimming has always been a great stressbuster to many — splashing around in the pool relaxes muscles and the mind like no other.

18 May 2022

Hyderabad: Keeping it cool and classy with work outfits in summer

Beginning to sweat just after you’ve stepped out of your home or reached your workplace is one of the most irritating things about summers especially this year in Hyderabad.

17 May 2022

Hyderabad: Summer heat, bane for hypertension patients

On World Hypertension Day (May 17), experts speak about the importance of keeping their blood levels in check amid the heat, through simple changes in their daily routine

17 May 2022

Staycation for a quick vacation at Hyatt Place Hyderabad

Hyatt Place Hyderabad's staycation is one of the most talked-about ones in the city.

14 May 2022

Saying it with the guitar

Hyderabad’s very own Akram Ul Haq, a fingerstyle guitarist, is popular for his solo performances.

14 May 2022

Contouring to perfection

Popular makeup artiste from the city Sandeep Molugu, aka Sandy, gets candid about being the man behind the pretty faces of several women.

12 May 2022

Technology and matters of the mind

Now, though technology has helped in connecting with people for any kind of counselling or advice, I must say that it cannot replace a competent mental health professional.

11 May 2022

Village on stage

The one which recently was staged by Kissago theatre group, Jammikunta Drama Company, made sure to tickle the funny bones.

10 May 2022