Shriya Rajachandra

National-level bridge tourneys are now being played virtually amid COVID concerns

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the game, which was included in the Asian Games and Commonwealth Games in 2018, has taken the online route.

30 Aug 2021

Rise of Studentpreneurs

The ongoing pandemic has left next gen with time to explore and experiment their entrepreneurial streaks

11 Aug 2021

Keeping it ‘reel’

Insta reels are taking over social media. Here we look at some

09 Aug 2021

Cycling through Covid in Bengaluru

Cycling during the lockdown meant being witness to the empty and clean streets of Bengaluru, a rare sight for the citizens of the city.

02 Aug 2021

Formula One captures Bengaluru’s attention

In the past year, there has been a surge in the number of fans following F1 in India

31 Jul 2021

It is time to care

Artistes and influencers encourage people  to ‘care’

24 Jul 2021

Mommy & me photoshoots 

Maternity photo sessions are the in thing these days, with couples wanting to capture every moment of this journey

20 Jul 2021

Self-care in byte sizes

Amid much stress in these times, here are six mental wellness podcasts which will help you relax 

13 Jul 2021

The deal about divorce  

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao’s split has stirred up an important conversation - has our attitude and acceptance towards a separation changed? 

12 Jul 2021