Shubhra Krishan

'La La Landscape': Cinematographer Kartik Vijay chooses his travel destinations

From Cuba, Japan and Ladakh, cinematographer Kartik Vijay picks his most wanderlust-worthy destinations.

12 Dec 2020

National Award-winning director Sriram Raghavan shares candid secrets of his success

Raghavan confesses being addicted to the thrill of vicariously living an adventure in your head, enjoying a terrifying experience, and thinking, ‘Thank God, it’s not happening to me.’

28 Nov 2020

Industry insiders reflect on how Covid-19 has impacted work

Industry insiders reflect on how Covid has impacted the way they work. And not everyone is complaining.

21 Nov 2020

Home is Where Green is

Meera Saxena of Delhi’s Loom Mool shows you how to make your home an eco-friendly space.

19 Apr 2014

Add a Touch of Luxury

Pooja Taneja Sabhlok of Zolijns says an elegant home is a concept, not a collection of things.

04 Apr 2014

A Wagonload of Good Ideas

Bright living tips from Sakina Ansari of MaalGaadi in Chennai.

21 Mar 2014

What Defines Good Wood

Born in 1969, Aditya Gupta, Founder of The Furniture Republic, completed his bachelor’s in engineering from University of  Roorkee in 1990 and MBA from Delhi University in 1992.

14 Mar 2014

Dull to Delightful in 10 Steps

Rajat Singhi, Founder and Creative Director of Address Home, shares ways to breathe life into jaded decor.

09 Mar 2014

Couture Under Your Feet

Rashi has been a part of a wide spectrum of projects including working with premium hospitality brands, as well as doing exclusive rugs for homes of the who’s who across the industry.

15 Feb 2014

Homes Where Elegance is Key

Monica Khanna, the creative force behind The Delhi Design Store, suggests practical ways to bring grace and beauty into your home

01 Feb 2014

Home With the Right Accent

Two Delhi designers tell you how to enliven your living space with knick-knacks and touches of colour.

18 Jan 2014

Rhymes With Desire

Sapphire, the seductive cornflower-blue stone, is a seductress that few can resist.

10 Jan 2014

Secret of Creating a Warm, Vibrant Home Revealed

Pottery and interior designer Anju Kumar suggests simple touches for a home that feels as warm and wonderful as a hug throughout the year.

04 Jan 2014

How to Set a Fine Table

Poonam Gupta, owner and CEO of Alchemy De Luxe, offers easy ideas that can transform a mundane dining table into a visual feast for the senses.

14 Dec 2013

How to Create a Healing Home

Rakhi Mahajan, Brand Director at Ishana Nature Spa, suggests ways to make your home a sanctuary of harmony

30 Nov 2013

A touch of class

Use simple but well chosen décor pieces to make your home beautiful, says designer Ankush Aggarwal.

03 Nov 2013

Nine steps to designing that dream kitchen in your home

It is not just the space where food is cooked. It is important in a home as it brings the family together.

20 Oct 2013

Walls that speak volumes

Words, maps, shelves and curtains can come together to create magic and transform blank walls into works of art in any home.

20 Oct 2013

Give your home a touch of Europe

Nine amazing tips from Parushni Aggarwal, Founder of Studio Creo.

05 Oct 2013

7 ways to create a great home office

Kickstart your creativity and multiply your productivity by setting up a home-based workspace that is both comfortable and happy.

20 Sep 2013

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