Sid Sanghvi

Fighting Myopia, Shaping the Future

It’s too slow! You can’t type with only your thumbs! What’s the point of having a GPS in your pocket! Too complicated!

02 Apr 2022

The New Kid on the Block

We all understand what it can do, but don’t really know what exactly it is (let alone how it works). And that’s okay.

06 Mar 2022

Fad or the Future? Introducing Web3.

Simply put, Web3 is said to be the next iteration of the internet... Ok, that’s a loaded statement, so let’s unpack it, starting with the nomenclature.

05 Feb 2022

Signal and Noise: An introduction from a Web3 enthusiast

The sheer amount of information has made it incredibly difficult to differentiate between truth (Signal), and everything else (Noise). But there is a way you can teach yourself to be aware...

01 Jan 2022