Sidharth Mishra

A House for Mr Kejriwal, with apologies to Naipaul

It’s been alleged that the PWD demolished the old structure without a survey report and constructed the new building without getting a new building plan sanctioned.

9 hours ago

Blame it on personality politics

Another interesting narrative that has emerged from the abusive act is, how could the people of South Delhi elect someone like Bidhuri as their representative.

25 Sep 2023

SC’s adjournment edict: a benchmark or an exception?

A junior lawyer seeking adjournment on the behalf of his senior, told the bench headed by Chief Justice DY Chandrachud that he was unaware of the case and had no instructions to argue the matter.

18 Sep 2023

Delhi University laggard on admissions, private varsities benefit

While private universities use all kinds of promotion tools to fill seats, the leadership of the government universities seems to care two figs about it.

11 Sep 2023

The devil often lives next door to you

English newspaper reading class is seldom known to look at reports of a minor being raped, beyond the headline, dismissing it as one such incident in one of those debased jhuggi-jhopri colonies.

04 Sep 2023

A summit not for the people, not by people, not of the people

PM Modi has urged people to put with the discomfort caused by the closure.what is the fun having a summit in a city with deserted roads, closed markets and its people away to different destinations?

28 Aug 2023

Delhi deluge: First there was flood, now it’s flood of accusations

Delhi after a very long time faced floods, though the Yamuna River routinely crosses the danger mark every year.

21 Aug 2023

Flavour of Opposition unity percolates to DU polls

INDIA model has now been replicated by the teachers' groups aligned to political parties which are part of the aforementioned alliance, for the upcoming polls of Delhi University Teachers Association

14 Aug 2023

Gurugram’s image soiled in the riot flames

The riots in Nuh and Gurgaon districts of Haryana last week, though had all the potential to spread to the rural areas, remained limited to the urban settlements.

07 Aug 2023

A Chief Minister with an unpaid staff

However, Kejriwal from day one has made no bones about his animus for the official bureaucracy.

31 Jul 2023

Lok Sabha polls: Opposition may win in Delhi but Congress would lose turf to AAP

The question at hand is, in the event of the two parties contesting together, what would be the ratio of distribution of tickets.

24 Jul 2023

Will house facing Humayun tomb end Rahul’s wilderness?

On a lighter note, the balcony facing the tomb was once booked for building law violations by Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

17 Jul 2023

In one year, Saxena has left Kejriwal bewildered

The usual Kejriwal style of staring a campaign of baseless and at times even maliciously false allegations targeting the opponent is now increasingly failing to provide optimum results.

10 Jul 2023

Kejriwal faces Hamlet-like dilemma on whom to trust

As the Delhi Excise scam case progresses, the heat on Delhi's chief minister would increase. His ability at playing the victim card too is slowly waning.

03 Jul 2023

Feeble policing, absence of awe cause a surge in crime 

Delhi has become a hub of illegal gambling, also of drug trade and prostitution, says Sidharth Mishra, Author and president, the Centre for Reforms, Development & Justice.

26 Jun 2023