Simar Bhasin

‘In rooms where people are alone’

Here, the debut novelist speaks about her ideas of home and belonging, writing in an era of global climate change and what she intends to work on next. 

26 Feb 2020

The Dutch House: American author talks about 'going back to books'

The Dutch House is the story of Danny and Maeve Conroy, a brother and sister who grow up in a fantastically beautiful and elaborate mansion outside of Philadelphia.

25 Jan 2020

Humour too relies on chaos, says Lucy Ellmann’s with her new book 'Ducks'

American-born Scotland-based writer Lucy Ellmann’s Ducks, Newburyport, was named the winner of The Goldsmiths Prize for 2019.

03 Dec 2019

Plastic Emotions with Shiromi Pinto

Minnette fascinated me. She also intimidated me. I wanted to know her better and bring her story to a wider audience.

12 Nov 2019

The Anarchy: Emphasising loot, plunder by the British in William Dalrymple's new book

What this book fixes on is the fact that India was actually conquered not by a nation state, but far more sinisterly, by a corporation.

29 Oct 2019

Behind the glitz and glamour of Mumbai

Between Art of Joy sessions, kick-boxing classes and raising three children, Natasha is also playing confidante to her close friend Trisha who is having an extramarital affair.

24 Aug 2019

INTERVIEW | A reader of fiction is often more open-minded, says The Farm author Joanne Ramos

By the time I began working on The Farm, I was 40 years old, and I hadn’t written fiction since college – but the ideas behind the book were ones that had me pre-occupied for decades.

18 Aug 2019

‘Loves and lives of the upper crust of Bombay society’

Shunali Khullar Shroff’s Love in the Time of Affluenza is all about the rich and the fabulous who form Mumbai’s one percent elite.

13 Aug 2019

Chasing the dragon

In an email interview, Shannon talks about using the fantasy genre for a feminist tale, the need for more marginal voices in literature and her love for the Young Adult (YA) genre of fiction.  

10 Jun 2019

Beyond the big screen

An almost anthropological fascination with the sub-culture of Bhaigiri is what inspired this novel.

29 Mar 2019

Meet the man behind the fifty ‘surreal diseases’ 

A physician-scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, Vikram Paralkar’s The Afflictions is a unique book that is situated in a library in Europe, during the Renaissance.

19 Mar 2019

A summer romance like no other

Turns out, that one wrote the script and the other one directed, and I think it went very, very well.

11 Mar 2019

New light through old windows

Anjum Hasan’s new collection of short stories explores various levels of angst, and the empty spaces in the lives of people.

06 Apr 2018

Poet Ranjit Hoskote retrieves narratives of ocean with 'Jonahwhale'

Ranjit Hoskote offers an “extended hymn to the waters” with  Jonahwhale

16 Feb 2018

Playing with fire

Having penned bestselling titles like Of Love and Other Sorrows and A Scrapbook of Memories:

02 Feb 2018

A greater case in point

Given the apt tag of an “InstaPoet”, online sensation Rupi Kaur gained worldwide recognition with her first self-published anthology of prose and poetry, Milk and Honey, w

06 Oct 2017

The name’s Bond

The beloved children’s author in a chat on his new novel and what’s in store for his readers

29 Nov 2016

Scripting her story

Renuka Narayanan on her new book and drawing from memory

08 Nov 2016

Magic, she wrote

After bringing back Inspector Gowda in Chain of Custody, Anita Nair’s next is all about Islamic lore from the Quran

21 Oct 2016

Magic, she wrote

Bringing tales from the Quran to the fore, Anita Nair’s Muezza and Baby Jaan will hit stands later this year.

14 Oct 2016

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