Simi Kuriakose

'Thermal And A Quarter' band: Rocking Hard

In a space where it is common for indie groups to disband, pursue solo careers, or just quit music, Thermal And A Quarter (TAAQ) can be stamped as a rock-solid band.

01 Feb 2023

Ready to rock

Ahead of their gig in the city, the four-member band Thermal And A Quarter, who are known to be architects of the unique genre ‘Bangalore Rock’, give us an insight into what’s in store tonight.

28 Jan 2023

On the print parade

City-based designer Anugrah Chandra on his brand ethos and latest collection

17 Jan 2023

Exploring rhythm in classic verse

Ahead of his first concert of the year in the city, singer Harpreet talks to us about his set, his love for poetry and more

07 Jan 2023

Weaving poetic magic through collaboration

At their first concert of the year, this Delhi-based musical collective is all set to breathe new life into the verses by the iconoclastic, mystic Indian poet Kabir 

05 Jan 2023

Deck the halls & walls

These easy and practical recommendations from two Delhi-NCR home stylists will help add cheer and a hint of fun to your home

05 Jan 2023

A jazz state of mind

Ahead of her performance in the Capital, Portuguese-German singer, sitarist Sofia Hoffmann talks to us about her love for the genre and more

04 Jan 2023

New Year resolutions: Get, set, goal

Two fitness experts share a few tips on how to ensure you stick to your workout resolution all year round

03 Jan 2023

Capturing the bohemian spirit: Nupur Kanoi’s new collection

Nupur Kanoi’s new collection emerges from a neo-nomad narrative, and features a queer mix of structure and soft construction

27 Dec 2022

Sweet expectations: Delhi-NCR, a melting pot of global flavours 

These decadent, visually-stunning Christmas bakes that are on offer by homegrown bakers only prove that Delhi-NCR is a melting pot of global flavours 

22 Dec 2022

After Covid hiatus, Delhi's German Christmas Market returns this year

Citizens flocked to the Christmas Market at Delhi’s iconic Sunder Nursery over the weekend to get 
a taste of all things German

12 Dec 2022

Chain reaction: This art exhibition is an attempt to create awareness on cycling infrastructure

Through the works of six artists, this exhibition attempts to create a conversation around better cycling infrastructure in Gurugram

08 Dec 2022

Making a sartorial impression

City-based fashion designer Yadvi Agarwal talks to us about her love for Impressionism and her latest collection 

30 Nov 2022

A weaving movement: The Natya Ballet Dance Festival 2022 

This festival is an opportunity for citizens to witness an amalgamation of live performances, puppetry sessions, and lectures by veterans in the field of performing arts    

26 Nov 2022

Strokes of satire

Ace colourist Nayanaa Kanodia’s latest exhibition brings out mirth in the mundane.

25 Nov 2022