Simi Kuriakose

Capturing the bohemian spirit: Nupur Kanoi’s new collection

Nupur Kanoi’s new collection emerges from a neo-nomad narrative, and features a queer mix of structure and soft construction

27 Dec 2022

Sweet expectations: Delhi-NCR, a melting pot of global flavours 

These decadent, visually-stunning Christmas bakes that are on offer by homegrown bakers only prove that Delhi-NCR is a melting pot of global flavours 

22 Dec 2022

After Covid hiatus, Delhi's German Christmas Market returns this year

Citizens flocked to the Christmas Market at Delhi’s iconic Sunder Nursery over the weekend to get 
a taste of all things German

12 Dec 2022

Chain reaction: This art exhibition is an attempt to create awareness on cycling infrastructure

Through the works of six artists, this exhibition attempts to create a conversation around better cycling infrastructure in Gurugram

08 Dec 2022

Making a sartorial impression

City-based fashion designer Yadvi Agarwal talks to us about her love for Impressionism and her latest collection 

30 Nov 2022

A weaving movement: The Natya Ballet Dance Festival 2022 

This festival is an opportunity for citizens to witness an amalgamation of live performances, puppetry sessions, and lectures by veterans in the field of performing arts    

26 Nov 2022

Strokes of satire

Ace colourist Nayanaa Kanodia’s latest exhibition brings out mirth in the mundane.

25 Nov 2022

‘The house of poetry is an inclusive mansion’, says poet-novelist Jeet Thayil

Indian poet and novelist Jeet Thayil shares his thoughts about poetry in the time of Instagram, why writing is therapeutic for him and more.

24 Nov 2022

Artistic plea for climate action

A recent exhibition in the city shed light on the climate crisis through a series of thought-provoking artworks.

22 Nov 2022

Delhi's ‘First Take’ art festival, a shining spotlight on young creatives

This exhibition is an attempt to showcase the works of young, emerging artists from across the country

17 Nov 2022

Preserving culture for posterity

Also the curator of this festival, Kaushalya gives us an insight into the selection process of Parampara, “I've been curating [this festival] for more than 25 years.

14 Nov 2022

NID alumni evoking emotions through music

Artist Sijya Gupta talks to us about her newly-released single ‘Another Thing’, her upcoming debut album, and gearing up for a live set at Magnetic Fields Festival 2022

12 Nov 2022

Ethereal state of mind: Noida-based fashion label ‘Cloud Stories’ launches summer line

Noida-based label Ilk’s co-founder on how they managed to capture the beauty of billowy clouds in their latest sartorial collection

10 Nov 2022

The art of mindful mending

A Kintsugi workshop at an emerging cultural space in Okhla provided citizens an opportunity to find beauty in imperfections.

07 Nov 2022

Experience India on a plate

The Saras Food Festival organised by the Ministry of Rural Development attempts to bring together authentic regional cuisines under one roof.

06 Nov 2022

Gearing up for a milestone mission

This Delhi-based entrepreneur is all set to go on a 6,000km cycling expedition to generate funds for the education of children from economically-vulnerable groups.

04 Nov 2022

Exploring creative dialogue

This group exhibition featuring sculptures and paintings by a Kolkata artist collective seeks to bridge the gap between creators and the viewers

03 Nov 2022

Embracing subtlety and extravagance 

Delhi-based designer Sawan Gandhi gives us a glimpse of his latest festive sartorial offering, becoming a favourite among Bollywood celebrities, and more

01 Nov 2022

Caught in nostalgia: Artist Madan Meena's work inspired from the 'The Thirsty Crow'

Apart from highlighting his memories, the works in Madan Meena’s ongoing exhibition invites viewers to reflect on nature and the idea of democracy

31 Oct 2022

Artistic explorations of home

Through this ongoing exhibition, four female artists bring to the forefront practices and traditions from their home state Meghalaya.

30 Oct 2022

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