Simran Ahuja 

COVID-19: Bengaluru doctor comes to deliver message of masking up, vaccination through rap​

The new wave brought Dr Vivek Anand Padegal the realisation that, perhaps, a more novel method must be employed to help manage coronavirus.

27 Jun 2021

Steered by the travel bug

Renting a motor home or caravan to travel across the state and beyond is Bengalureans’ idea of a change of scene in these pandemic-ridden times

10 Apr 2021

Smells like team spirit

RCB fans are making pandemic-tailored plans – virtual match parties, blood donation camps, releasing anthems – all to cheer their favourite team on ahead of IPL season

07 Apr 2021

‘Weathering’ the run

Meet the B’lurean who plans to run in extreme wind, heat, cold, and dry weather in four beautiful but formidable deserts across the globe

06 Apr 2021