Simran Ahuja

Move over paneer, tempeh gaining popularity as source of plant-based protein among Bengalureans

Move over tofu and paneer, tempeh is slowly gaining popularity as a source of plant-based protein among Bengalureans

5 hours ago

Out and proud

This Pride Month, Bengaluru’s non-binary people talk to CE about their struggle with socially imposed gender identities, and what it means to simply be. 

10 Jun 2021

Cash for Covid repaid in kind

Young Bengalureans are preparing trivia quizzes, selling books and doing personalised artwork to raise money for Covid-19 relief

07 Jun 2021

Graded uncertainty 

The cancellation of Class 12 CBSE and ISC board examinations has been met with equal parts cheer and concern. Students and experts weigh in

03 Jun 2021

Waiting to vow

To-be-wed couples are anxiously waiting for their happy ever after, with some even pushing their wedding ceremonies to later dates in light of the second wave

01 Jun 2021

Miura in memoriam

Bengaluru’s manga fans share their sadness on hearing the news of Berserk creator Kentaro Miura’s passing

31 May 2021

Testing Times 

Students aspiring to go abroad are a concerned lot with lockdown restrictions, lack of visa
appointments and vaccine shortage, all of which have thrown a curveball they are now trying to navigate

26 May 2021

Style it like a sitcom

Quirky like Phoebe, smart like Rachel or comfy like Monica... Dress up as your favourite character for the
much-awaited Friends reunion

25 May 2021

In tune with tragedy: Rapper Hanumankind's new composition 'Second Wave' is a wake-up call

The 2 minute- 16 second video – viewed over three lakh times – shows mass funerals, patients desperately waiting for beds, and grieving and traumatised caregivers.

24 May 2021

Matters of the Mind

More people are seeking professional help to cope with the fatigue, loneliness, uncertainty, and fears unleashed by the pandemic, and mental health professionals too are feeling burned out

22 May 2021

A shot at love

Vaccines are the talk of town these days, even on dating apps, where someone’s views on the jab, and ideas on even climate change, can make or break a conversation

17 May 2021

Kanaka Murthy was a pioneer: Former UNESCO ambassador Chiranjiv Singh

Her Guru also did not sign his works; she did not either.  For her, this was a part of her spirituality; and she transcended ego through her works.

15 May 2021

Serving up safety

Restaurants and cafes are temporarily shutting shop, choosing to prioritise staff safety, or using resources to help any way they can

13 May 2021

A slice of (past) life

City-based historian Anirudh V Kanisetti tells CE about Connected Histories, his YouTube channel that throws light on how South Asia was linked with the world

12 May 2021

Mindful company 

As Covid-19 rages, a handful of firms are giving employees time off to take a breather, and look after their mental well-being

11 May 2021