Simran Ahuja

On the job

Musicians who started a home kitchen, a swim coach turned driver... the Covid-19 pandemic has made many Bengalureans look at new avenues and side hustles for financial reasons

05 Aug 2020

The write way 

Software by city-based brothers looks at helping screenwriters, with options to pen their work in regional languages 

30 Jul 2020

Show must go on

Movie buffs in the city look towards drive-in theatres and private mini screening spaces to satiate their passion, as they wait for the curtains to go up at multiplexes 

27 Jul 2020

Meet Saya, the real life Bagheera captured by wildlife photographer Shaaz Jung

While Saya’s photos have garnered lakhs of likes on social media, there’s more to the picture than what meets the eye.

20 Jul 2020

Out and proud

Going virtual for the first time, Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival will bring 157 films from 42 countries.

15 Jul 2020

Writer hosts free workshop for birthday

There’s no time like a pandemic to get busy. Author Samhita Arni tells CE everything she has been up to these days and how she’s been coping with the bleak times

08 Jul 2020

A homegrown affair

Rachna Rao, co-founder of FoodyBuddy – an app that connects buyers with home chefs, says there has been a huge demand for them in these times.

06 Jul 2020

Bengaluru restaurateurs face fear factor 

While many restaurateurs had their hopes pinned on Unlock 1.0, rising number of cases is forcing them to reconsider their decision to re-open

06 Jul 2020

In full bloom

While some went deeper within themselves for self-introspection, others paid more attention to their immediate surroundings.

01 Jul 2020

Between the lines

A new series looks beyond storytelling and authored readings to show how young minds can develop new perspectives or move through galleries of ideas through a book

29 Jun 2020

On a safety spree

Don’t discount precautionary measures on your next shopping trip. Here are some tips that will help you stay safe yet stylish

24 Jun 2020

Taste of times: Bengaluru eateries launch dishes with immunity boosting ingredients

Eateries in the city are now innovating dishes by playing around with immunity-boosting properties, with pepper, amla and chia seeds joining the list of condiments as the new stars of their dishes.

22 Jun 2020

Made with love 

Vaishnavi Biyani nearly had a breakdown when she lost her job due to the ongoing pandemic.

16 Jun 2020

Spending too much time looking at screen? Check these tips for a healthy mind, body

Online classes, webinars, longer screen hours... health experts weigh in with tips that youngsters can follow

15 Jun 2020

Old charm, new flavours

What’s summer without some mangoes? And in order to celebrate the king of fruits, Ranga Shankara will be hosting the 18th edition of its annual ‘mango party’ on June 14 this year.

10 Jun 2020