Simran Ahuja

Love in the Slow Lane

Dating app users are spending longer hours getting to know their match and investing in more meaningful connections over something casual and fun

07 Aug 2021

Strumming solo: The Bruce Lee Mani story

City-based musician Bruce Lee Mani may be releasing a solo album soon but loyalty and ties are still strong with his 25-year-old band Thermal and a Quarter

19 Jul 2021

Like it or not, you can’t ignore it

Users and creators have mixed feelings over Instagram prioritising video content over photos in the days ahead

15 Jul 2021

The plate and the past

This new exhibition looks at art through the lens of food by combining paintings, prints, textiles and photographs with recipes to try at home today

12 Jul 2021

A whiff of nostalgia 

A Bengaluru-based artist has started a new series of artworks that pays tribute to the city that has given her the best years so far 

06 Jul 2021

Raising the bar

Change begins at home for Bengalureans who are turning to greener options to include in their shower routine  

03 Jul 2021

Slang and the city

Two comedians came together to bring out a funny video on the famous sounds of Bengaluru, which has now gone viral with over 70,000 likes

30 Jun 2021

Past imperfect

Saravana Gowtham’s instrumental EP explores various emotions and feelings related to moments and memories gone by

29 Jun 2021

Counting on country music

This city-based musician is relying on a unique fundraiser to fuel his dream of going to Nashville, USA, to produce his first album.

27 Jun 2021

Bitten by the bento bug

Jonna Guna Shruthi, who runs a baking kits company called Bake 11, decided to collaborate with home baker Aishwarya Cee to sell these bento cakes.

24 Jun 2021

Bitten by the bento bug

With Korean pop culture having become popular in the city, Bengaluru’s millennials are digging into ‘lunchbox’ cakes or bento cakes that are meant for just one and come in a range of appealing designs

24 Jun 2021

Peace by piece

Move aside colouring book Jigsaw puzzles are now making a comeback as adults in the city turn to this childhood activity for moments of calm amid the Covid-19 storm

22 Jun 2021

Baapbeeti: A pregnant papa podcast show

The Baapbeeti, A Pregnant Papa podcast was born a true lockdown baby with its first episode airing on May 1, 2020.

21 Jun 2021

Breath of relief 

It’s been a month since Sacika J Satish started pranayama classes but the 25-year-old is already all praises for its benefits.

21 Jun 2021

The pregnant papa

This Father’s Day, catch a podcast made by this Bengaluru-based father in which he discusses everything that dads go through when they’re expecting a baby

19 Jun 2021

Move over paneer, tempeh gaining popularity as source of plant-based protein among Bengalureans

Move over tofu and paneer, tempeh is slowly gaining popularity as a source of plant-based protein among Bengalureans

14 Jun 2021

Out and proud

This Pride Month, Bengaluru’s non-binary people talk to CE about their struggle with socially imposed gender identities, and what it means to simply be. 

10 Jun 2021

Cash for Covid repaid in kind

Young Bengalureans are preparing trivia quizzes, selling books and doing personalised artwork to raise money for Covid-19 relief

07 Jun 2021

Graded uncertainty 

The cancellation of Class 12 CBSE and ISC board examinations has been met with equal parts cheer and concern. Students and experts weigh in

03 Jun 2021

Waiting to vow

To-be-wed couples are anxiously waiting for their happy ever after, with some even pushing their wedding ceremonies to later dates in light of the second wave

01 Jun 2021

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