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Dearth of crematoriums a burning issue in Tirunelveli

The residents have urged the authorities concerned to install one more crematorium in the district to ease the situation. 

10 Jun 2021

Daughter of frontline police worker awaits to get job under compassionate grounds

Months have passed but the daughter of the late police Sub Inspector, who died of Covid-19 during the first wave, still awaits a job under compassionate grounds as the family lost the breadwinner.

02 Jun 2021

Scam detected as dead man ‘tests negative’

He was startled because his wife and father weren’t tested; and his father died on September 22 last year, and his wife wasn’t in Tenkasi.

21 Apr 2021

Tamil Nadu elections: Casting vote was an ‘uphill’ battle for this 110-year-old woman

Kuttiyammal must be above 110 years of age, says her son, Sankarapandian (72), adding that she hasn’t been able to exercise her franchise for at least the past four elections.

07 Apr 2021

Tirunelveli: Who will win in TN’s lucky constituency? 

The constituency has people from myriad walks of life, including government employees, industrial workers, wage labourers, mill workers and people owning small or micro businesses.

27 Mar 2021

Banners blot the colour out of wall artists’ lives

Earlier, soon after the announcement of the election dates, artists would make a beeline for rural areas, to splash colour on walls, painting symbols of political parties and pictures of leaders.

24 Mar 2021

BJP leader in TN shocks party workers by filing nomination before announcement of candidates

Speaking to the media after filing the nomination, Nagendran said that he chose the day as it was auspicious

12 Mar 2021

Kaani tribes take the ‘silk route’ for a better tomorrow

The name ‘eri’ is derived from the Assamese word ‘era’, which means castor, as the silkworms feed on castor plants.

28 Feb 2021

Near a Manimuthar, a home for the ‘misunderstood’ bat

During an ATREE survey of bats in 50 temples in Tirunelveli district, nearly 80 per cent of the temples had bat colonies. Seven species of bats are found in the temples.

15 Feb 2021

Finding internet up in the hills

Until last week, students of Kaani village had to go on a 15-minute trek to attend online classes

10 Jan 2021

Nine years after anti-nuclear stir, youngsters in Kudankulam say they are still losing jobs due to pending police cases 

Of the 349 cases registered at the time, in which hundreds were booked, 84 are still pending in the Kudankulam, Pazhavoor, Radhapuram and Uvari police stations.

12 Oct 2020

Kaani tribes demand Tamil Nadu government to not relocate them from KMTR forest

Besides the over 160 families of the three settlements – Agasthiyarnagar Kaani, Chinna Mayilar Kaani, and Servalar Kaani, more than 100 non-tribal families reside in the forest area.

08 Sep 2020

I-Day duty was  on her mind, not dad’s funeral

Just hours left for I-Day, Armed Reserve Police Inspector Maheshwari, who would be leading the parade, was on her final rehearsal; and the unexpected happened. 

16 Aug 2020

A 10-hour-wait more harrowing than Covid battle

Covid-19 positive patients were reportedly made to wait at the entrance of Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital (TvMCH) for over 10 hours on Monday night.

15 Jul 2020

Lockdown: Animal thriving in our absence

Animal sightings along the roads through the Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve forest range are seeing a spike since the announcement of the lockdown.

11 Apr 2020

Madurai patient lied to officials about movements

Tirunelveli health officials revealed to Express on Monday that the 43-year-old man who tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday had lied to officials about his movements. 

24 Mar 2020

A fresh shoot of hope in agrarian landscape

Can organic farming not yield results as good as chemical farming? A group of 30-odd farmers are busting this myth in Tirunelveli.

27 Feb 2020

Caught in the grips of a high-stakes game: Tale of Tirunelveli's lottery sufferings

Despite ban, lure of lottery has trapped many from weaker sections.

16 Dec 2019

'Conduct certificate did it all': 20 years later, reformed history-sheeter thanks cop for kind act

Twenty years ago, ACP S Sekar, who was an SI, had helped a criminal-turned-soup shop labourer Murugan in getting a Good Conduct Certificate.

18 Nov 2019

Tirunelveli: Corporation sanitary staff held for selling seized stray cattle

The accused told the sanitary inspector that the three cows were driven away as they were creating trouble.

18 Nov 2019

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