Suchayan Mandal

Bringing the past back to life

Online tools are using AI to make the wildest dreams come true, be it writing poetry like Milton or animating photographs of your ancestors.

20 Mar 2021

In the lap of well being: Here's a list of places that should be on your bucket list

The past year has been ruthless for travel dreams. It’s now time to make up. Spa, eat, repeat is the mantra many are chanting with leisurely wellness retreats attracting eager travellers.

06 Mar 2021

Comfort clicks: As remote working takes precedence, buy right kind of mouse to boost your productivity

While wired mice are a thing of the past, USB or Bluetooth-enabled mice are the current trends.

27 Feb 2021

Digital marketers share five ways to leverage the online revolution

Mehta had been hearing about the demand for menswear during the pandemic.

30 Jan 2021

Could 2021 be the year for technology? Here are some trends to watch out for

Technology has adapted to the pandemic in 2021 to maximise business and talent opportunities, signalling a shift which could place Artificial Intelligence as the major augmenter of everyday life.

23 Jan 2021

Artificial Intelligence and the future of food industry

AI is turning out to be a big influencer in the gastronomic sector 

12 Sep 2020

Wheeling in: Here's all you need to know about six-seater SUV MG Hector Plus

While the width and height of the car remain the same as 1835 mm and 1760 mm respectively, the length has been extended by 65mm.

22 Aug 2020

Is Toyota Glanza a Maruti Suzuki Baleno with a Toyota badge?

Toyota’s Glanza is 20 kilos heavier in the kerb weight department when compared to Baleno and that makes the car sturdier.

15 Aug 2020

Honda City review: The 'city' of joy

The new Honda City looks gentle compared the last generation, that had an aggressive body composition.

08 Aug 2020

Application Program Interface collaborates with industries to provide global connectivity

APIs will change the way software components for big companies interact. APIs allow software developers to process data from a gamut of sources.

03 Aug 2020

Fast Track to Rentals

Filling the void left by cabs and buses since the pandemic, car rental companies have risen to the occasion, offering safe and convenient short-term mobility.

26 Jul 2020

The future is green: Post COVID-19 world stares at a more eco-friendly way of architecture

As the country reopens, the need for sustainable buildings with the focus on hygiene will be the calling card of urban planning.

04 Jul 2020

Divine plates to mortal mouths: Here's a look at the best temple food from across country

Temple food has been the custodian of our divine history. Here’s taking a look at some of the most prominent ones. 

20 Jun 2020

Is craft beer Indian boozers' new go-to?

Hopeful beer experts, if there is such a genus indeed, think craft brew will be the first to get a frothy head. Demand will tell. Beer is the summer love of many Indians.

30 May 2020

The meat analogue: Rise of meatless options with rise of veganism

​There was a time, not too long ago, when none of it was to be found in India. Now, boutique eateries and high-end supermarkets have begun to stock several varieties. 

02 May 2020

Here’s to the future of technology

A headband to track your brain waves and make you relax, a battery-operated toothbrush that controls the intensity of bristle movement depending on your gum strength aren’t just DC comics.

18 Jan 2020