Sudhir Srinivasan

'Mortal Kombat' movie review: This uninspired adaptation extracts a fatality in you

All you want is for the film to establish reasonable explanations for why heads are being severed and arms are being ripped off.

24 Apr 2021

Vivekh, a socially-conscious humourist departs

Vivekh has also been a charismatic presence as an actor, bringing to his serious characters like in Boys, Sivaji, Alaipayuthey a rare vulnerability that even some top actors fail to register.

18 Apr 2021

'Paramadham Vilayattu' review: Hilariously strange events happen in this rudderless dud

A kidnapped Gayathri is trying to utilise unusual objects in her room to try and fashion her escape.

15 Apr 2021

'Karnan' movie review: Mari Selvaraj’s dance of defiance makes for glorious cinema

The character’s name, Kannabiran, leaves you with little doubt on the mythological character considered to be god who is being referenced, and in a sense, criticised.

10 Apr 2021

Sulthan review: Bad villains and forced messaging stifle a great premise

There’s also the constant suggestion that Sulthan is The One, with a Baahubali-esque scene in which the baby is held aloft by the uncles.

03 Apr 2021

INTERVIEW | I hope to make films till my last breath, says Selvaraghavan

Here’s Selvaraghavan himself discussing this film in detail and in the process, providing a lot of insight into his person. 

15 Mar 2021

The teddy is alive, the film not so much

Director Shakti Soundar Rajan even attempts to explain, even if it’s with a quick one-liner, how a man with great memory, got so good at fighting.

13 Mar 2021

'Nenjam Marappathillai' review: A dark comedy that works brilliantly in patches

More importantly though, it’s a film that’s so original in its objective and treatment that you can barely take your eyes off it.

06 Mar 2021

'As a woman I live out my worst fears every day'

Actors Shruti Haasan and Sanjith Hegde, and director Nag Ashwin, dissect their short film, X-Life, that is a part of the recent Netflix Telugu anthology, Pitta Kathalu

03 Mar 2021

‘I was not sure I could be an actor’

B’luru singer Sanjith Hegde talks to CE  about turning actor for the recent short film, X-Life, that is a part of the Netflix Telugu anthology, Pitta Kathalu

03 Mar 2021

The climax of Drishyam 3 is ready: Director Jeethu Joseph

Here’s the man of the hour, Jeethu himself, in conversation about his much-appreciated film, Drishyam 2: The Resumption.

27 Feb 2021

'Chakra' movie review: This thriller has the effect of a comedy

The writing in Chakra is pedestrian and lacks heart, the film is devoid of an emotional core, and as for the villain, the character is an amusing caricature at best.

20 Feb 2021

'Kutty Story' movie review: The good and the bad co-exist in this latest anthology

The towering disappointment of this anthology, one that threatens to bring down the other films with it, is director Vijay's Avanum Naanum.

13 Feb 2021

'Zombie Reddy' movie review: A zombie film that bites more than it can chew

The film, in parts, gets likeably irreverential as well. A zombiefied old woman gets smashed to pulp. A limbless ruffian becomes the butt of a few visual gags.

06 Feb 2021

'Shantabai': Tales of conviction

You see this especially when the elderly Shantabai does acts that should be thought impossible for someone of her age.

25 Jan 2021