Sudhir Srinivasan

'Pattas' review: Dhanush and Sneha strive to lift this predictable film that lacks soaring highs

The problem with the film is that its highs don’t overwhelm you, its lows don’t shatter you.

17 Jan 2020

'Darbar' review: An enthusiastic Rajinikanth propels this passable ‘bad cop’ film

One more generic Rajini film that tries to cash in on nostalgia, but, gets salvaged by the actor's performance.

09 Jan 2020

INTERVIEW | AR Murugadoss says 'Petta' was instrumental in 'Darbar' getting made

The Darbar director talks about why he is a fan of Rajinikanth, why he thinks it’s okay to depict violent cops, and why he’s grateful that Petta got made.

07 Jan 2020

'Ghost Stories' review: This horror anthology doesn’t frighten you as much as it should

The screeching violins and the graphic 2D visuals in the title credits of Ghost Stories set the stage.

04 Jan 2020

'Sillu Karupatti' movie review: A sweet anthology

At a time when it’s increasingly becoming difficult not to be cynical, an anthology like Sillu Karupatti shows a lot of love.

28 Dec 2019

'Hero' reiew: Gentleman trains hero in this okayish origins film

It takes a huge wakeup call for him to realise he too is a hapless victim of the system, that it isn’t too late for him to realise his childhood ambition.

21 Dec 2019

'Queen' review: A rare, good tamil web series

It would have helped us stop worrying about making inevitable comparisons with Jayalalithaa’s life, about viewing the series with knowledge of the highlights of her life.

17 Dec 2019

'Queen' is not based on any real person: Gautham Menon

The thrill, partly, is about making relations to real events and places and people you are already familiar with.

11 Dec 2019

'Irandam Ulagaporin Kadaisi Gundu' movie review: Novel premise and conviction in messaging makes this a largely effective film

The film’s title is a reference to one of many unexploded WW2 bombs that are known to get washed ashore in the country.

07 Dec 2019

'Action' film review: This 'action' gets an equal and opposite reaction

There is some pressure on critics to respond in an agreeable way when films like Action come out.

16 Nov 2019

'Bigil' review: Vijay saves women in this film about women empowerment

Beneath all the star pandering, all the female empowerment posturing, there’s an interesting seed of a story: The tragic story of a don who had to sacrifice football aspirations.

26 Oct 2019

'Asuran' review: Moderately rewarding film, but Vetri Maaran has done better

Like Vada Chennai, Asuran too talks about land grabbing, and how important it is for the powerful to gather property of the powerless.

05 Oct 2019

'Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy' review: Chiranjeevi is fiery, the film not so much

The writing in this film never truly offers you the sort of satisfying payoffs that a Baahubali did so regularly.

04 Oct 2019

Namma Veettu Pillai review | Average family drama with an intriguing protagonist

Someone refers to Thulasi as Paasamalar in one scene, and if you think about it, this isn’t just a casual reference to a film that stands as a timeless story of devoted siblings.

28 Sep 2019

Other actors have plenty of houses and plenty of loans, but I have neither: R Parthiban

Oththa Seruppu Size 7 is Parthiban’s latest dream, though the idea is almost ten years old in his head.

24 Sep 2019