Sudhir Srinivasan

An effective entertainer

Finesse notwithstanding, this Sivakarthikeyan film is

14 May 2022

Keerthy Suresh is the goddess of violence in this love letter to revenge

Even this early into his career (Saani Kaayidham is just his second film), you can see that director Arun Matheswaran has great taste for powerful imagery.

07 May 2022

Movie Review| Oh My Dog, a sweet film that lacks finesse

I have a thing for dog films. I suspect that if you were to shoot a few dogs running about in your film, I will likely lose all objectivity and begin to enjoy your cinema.

23 Apr 2022

'Beast' Review: This Nelson-Vijay hostage rescue drama never really takes off

In hostage rescue situations, the big, almost tangible, fear is that innocent people could potentially get killed. It’s what negotiators want to avoid; it’s what the hero usually works against as well

15 Apr 2022

‘What you make of Kuthiraivaal is what it is’

What’s the order of events in Kuthiraivaal? Is there a time-travel element in it?

31 Mar 2022

RRR Review: A period film that runs out of steam despite Rajamouli's efforts

While emotionally-driven set pieces invigorate RRR, the shortcomings in writing play the spoilsport

26 Mar 2022

Movie Review| An indifferent Dhanush in an inept film

Even as early as about five minutes into Maaran, it’s hard to care. The craft seems to belong in a bad TV serial, and the dialogues and performances don’t help either.

14 Mar 2022

Movie Review| Etharkkum Thunindhavan, another male saviour film trips over its own feet

In this film that communicates much concern about the welfare of women, notice the character attributes of its heroine, Aadhini.

12 Mar 2022

Valimai: Flying motorcycles fail to liven up this soulless thriller

However, I wasn’t blown away at all, and consumed the action blocks as a passive observer, waiting in vain for the fulfilling emotional moments that I hoped would add meaning to these stunts.

26 Feb 2022

'Mahaan' Review: An in-form Vikram stars in a middling film

I have missed seeing Vikram perform. In Karthik Subbaraj’s latest film, Mahaan, it’s a pleasure to see the actor in full flight and strive to lift the film along with him.

12 Feb 2022

'Kadaisi Vivasayi' Review: A paean to simple living and self-sufficiency

I  like Manikandan films. Even in dealing with profound, perhaps even dark, themes, there’s a stillness to them, a tranquil quality.

12 Feb 2022

Anbarivu: An exhausting film punctuated by bad writing and craft

It never stops to astonish how it can be that a film like Anbarivu that runs for close to three hours can be devoid of a single truly honest emotional moment.

08 Jan 2022

'Rocky' movie review: A meditative study on violence

The film's real focus is on exploring and presenting the mentality of this man who's caught in a vicious cycle of vengeful violence and consequent retribution.

25 Dec 2021

'Writer' movie review: Many interesting ideas, but not quite a riveting film

Writer has plenty of important objectives, even if they all don't come together to form an affecting whole.

25 Dec 2021

'Pushpa The Rise' review: Allu Arjun is all swagger in a film that falters

Director Sukumar tries to make him accessible by showing him as an underdog at the very bottom of a vicious power hierarchy.

18 Dec 2021