'Mercury' movie review: A worthy experiment with some memorable stretches

I’ll remember Mercury quite a while — not for its wholesomeness, but for some truly delicious stretches of filmmaking. In a scene, a couple are in an ‘Ale Ale’ moment, having just expressed their feel

21 Apr 2018

'Rampage' movie review: A passable popcorn monster film devoid of novelty

Okay, the film’s titled Rampage, and it stars Dwayne Johnson. You can immediately surmise that the film is about one of two things: Dwayne Johnson going on a rampage against evil, or someone/something

14 Apr 2018

Sridevi: Cinema’s child

'Icon’, ‘legend’, ‘great’… These are praises commonly thrown about in eulogies. 
For once, in the case of Sridevi, these will all be relevant descriptions

26 Feb 2018

Insidious 4 Review: The last sequel, hopefully?

The Last Key begins like one of those mutant origins story in the X-Men franchise.

06 Jan 2018

Richie review: The whole lesser than the sum of the parts

Say what you will about Nivin Pauly's Tamil debut 'Richie', but there’s no denying that it is a product of much deliberation, much thought.

08 Dec 2017

Richie is nowhere near noir: Director Gautham Ramachandran on the upcoming Nivin Pauly starrer

Director Gautham Ramachandran and Nivin Pauly, whose Richie is releasing this Friday, open up about the film in this frank, fun-filled conversation.

08 Dec 2017

Spyder review: A terrific SJ Suryah can’t salvage the film by himself

The loud groans in the theatre each time a badly placed song began playing in Spyder say a lot.

28 Sep 2017

Vivegam: Thala and his hit maker Siva are back again

Director Siva has never discussed an upcoming film of his as many times before its release as he has for Vivegam.

25 Aug 2017

Taramani review: A film that holds a mirror up to men

Taramani is a compilation of the many vile things men unleash on woman every day.

12 Aug 2017

I am Vijay Sethupathi in every role

The actor gets contemplative as he opens up to New Indian Express about Vikram Vedha, his latest flick with Madhavan.

24 Jul 2017

An epic inspiration

Anybody who’s read the Mahabharata or the Ramayana know that they are treasure troves of countless stories.

24 Jul 2017

Vikram Vedha review: A wholly satisfying, smartly conceived thriller

Vikram (Madhavan) is a stone-cold encounter specialist who can sleep soundly, regardless of how many lives he’s ended that day.

22 Jul 2017

Brindavanam review: A warm, fuzzy film that works for the most part

You’ve got to love the cozy atmosphere Radha Mohan creates in his films.

26 May 2017

Thondan movie review: A big basket of moral lectures

Every storyline is an opportunity for a moral lecture, and every dialogue an excuse to dole out ethical advice.

26 May 2017

Not every protagonist is me, but every protagonist has a bit of me: Mani Ratnam

In conversation with Mani Ratnam on his new film, Kaatru Veliyidai, aspects that curb his creativity and why he does not want actors to impress him.

07 Apr 2017