Sugata Srinivasaraju

When death seeks finality this Covid season

The saddest pictures are those of people performing last rites wearing PPU kits and circumambulating ambulances in which the body of the relative is lying on a metal stretcher

09 May 2021

A video clip and an enveloping innuendo

While indecency has been rife in the campaign speeches of various political leaders in poll-bound states, Karnataka has been conjuring obscenity of a different order

05 Apr 2021

Making sense of the activity around caste 

Is there anything specific to glean from the plan to redistribute quotas? There could be two important reasons besides electoral politics

05 Mar 2021

Farmers, Abhimanyu trap and the smile of King

Should leaders who lead mass movements first work on an exit plan or should they think of sharp bends that lie ten steps ahead?

09 Feb 2021

Placing farmers and their leaders in a pigeonhole

The narrow characterisation of farmers pushes people to think that they cannot organise themselves, that they are manipulated by activists with strident ideological positions

06 Jan 2021

Storm in Akhshaya Patra: How much to trust philanthropy’s hybrid model? 

It is difficult to believe that no one noticed things going haywire at the Akshaya Patra Foundation for years. Why did they keep quiet?

05 Dec 2020

Drugs, social media and the addictions of our age

The establishment is obsessed with only a certain kind of addiction while there are several others that are potentially as harmful

02 Nov 2020

Farm legislations, intent and a map of mistiming 

 The Centre has still been using the language of welfare, while what it intends to do is precisely the opposite of it—to extricate the government and allow market control

02 Oct 2020

When centre and states can’t dance together

The ongoing tussle over GST compensation to states is not the first challenge to federalism in recent times. It only accentuates a worrying trend   

04 Sep 2020

Ayodhya and the paradox of Advani’s political life

What the former deputy prime minister made his life’s mission saw sublime fruition but he could never personally pick the fruits 

03 Aug 2020

Indira Gandhi’s forgotten foes on American soil 

A forgotten group of Indians in the US fought and built international opinion against the dismantling of democracy in India 45 years ago

02 Jul 2020