Sugata Srinivasaraju

Liberal impulses of our regional languages

The strides in globalisation have provoked insecurities in our linguistic cultures. Their expressions have become  shriller, more chauvinistic and narrower than envisioned

03 Sep 2021

What’s the BJP circus after Yediyurappa’s exit?

With the enormous physical presence of BSY clearly in the past, the BJP will face a vacuum that it will try to fill up by experimenting with many Lilliputians

28 Jul 2021

How or how not to remember the emergency

The anniversary of the Emergency has seldom led to a reflection on the health of our democracy, but often ended up being a blame game

03 Jul 2021

Deve Gowda and the accidental prime ministers 

When Deve Gowda became PM, it was a celebration of our democracy. That a complete outsider to the Delhi establishment like him could occupy the chair created hope

05 Jun 2021