Sugata Srinivasaraju

Caste saffron and fixing the soul of democracy

Now may be the time for Karnataka’s political parties and politicians to limit the influence of caste seminaries in politics and steer them back to their spiritual paths.

07 Sep 2022

The presidential polls and Naidu’s non-elevation

He ran the Rajya Sabha reasonably well. He appeared independent but not menacingly so, yet, he did not find favour with the government run by his erstwhile party.

03 Aug 2022

After Thackerays will it be other regional czars?

If one is reading it correctly, his gaze has now shifted to the rest of the political dynasties across India. The fiefdoms that survive and thrive in regional spaces.

02 Jul 2022

Identity politics and the many hues of textbooks

Some in Karnataka might be claiming a win, but it is a pyrrhic victory. What has temporarily won in the state is one type of identity politics over another.

07 Jun 2022

A permanent coalition for a more perfect union

The question before India, given its diversity and size, is whether there should be a reform of our electoral system to ensure greater legitimacy to the government in power.

05 May 2022

Balancing Opinion And Diverting Attention

Administrative collapse in Karnataka has been apparent and communalism is an effective diversion. The next Assembly polls are fast approaching, which makes it even more attractive.

07 Apr 2022

The many symbols of religion and resistance

In the current setting, the hijab and the saffron shawl, which were benign religious symbols, became instruments of protest. Their meanings and signification altered.

04 Mar 2022