Sugata Srinivasaraju

A new season of politics and the proselyte

What would be interesting to comprehend is the psychology of the individual politician when he shifts from one party to another

05 Jun 2020

Political precipice of 2019 and the two zeros of 2020

The year 2020 is a mirage of a palindrome, yet it appears so rounded and perfect.

02 Jan 2020

Freedoms and resistance

Mysore and Kashmir.  From princely states to accession. From maharajahs to chief ministers.

15 Aug 2019

Trust vote debates and a legislator’s neem wisdom

Even amidst all the gloom that the current session of the Karnataka Assembly has painted, there is also something redeeming about it.

22 Jul 2019

In Post-Truth Era, a Tectonic Shift in the Mind of the Indian Voter

It is not just ‘post-truth’ that arrived with Modi’s first election, we also saw the arrival of post-Mandal in some form.

24 May 2019