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Amid row over Rafale deal, IAF warns condition, numbers of its MiG 21 are at a critical level

A squadron each of the MiG 21 and the MiG 27 would be ‘number-plated’— or retired -- by December this year, sources in the IAF have told The New Indian Express.

21 Jul 2018

'Alphabet soup' of Navy missions dots Indian Ocean

Ten months since it re-oriented the mission pattern of its fleet, the navy has told the government it has the Indian Ocean covered with an alphabet soup of acronyms.

01 Apr 2018

Indian Navy informs government about the fleet's reoriented mission pattern

GULFDEP to MALDEP is the new naval lingo to describe the Indian Navy’s area of responsibility.

01 Apr 2018

Indian Navy briefs government on urgent requirement of Landing Ships

The Indian Navy has briefed the government on an urgent requirement for warships that can transport at least 3000 fully armed troops and speedily disembark them on land.

29 Mar 2018

India shoots down US proposal for communications secrecy pact to maintain distinction with latter's NATO allies

India has also requested Washington DC to examine an “ideal” cross-posting of army, navy and air force officers at its Central and Pacific Commands.

29 Mar 2018

China puts its border guard under military command

The turf war is often a consequence of the different cadre of officers that head the forces.

23 Mar 2018

China’s build-up through winter worries New Delhi

Militarily, occupying the ridge may allow an adversarial force to post observers on it to direct artillery fire at the Siliguri Corridor.

22 Mar 2018

Asian Security Conference cancelled with China in mind

Reason for cancellation of the conference was not explicitly stated but ministry of defence issued a letter to fellows of the IDSA – India’s oldest think-tank – citing “administrative reasons".

16 Mar 2018

Army, Air Force sounds major funds crunch; 2018 budget dashed hopes

The army and the air force sounded a major funds crunch and said that they do not have the finances to buy weapons and aircraft and that China and Pakistan are modernizing their militaries rapidly.

14 Mar 2018

Indian Air Force lands its largest transport aircraft in Arunachal Pradesh's Tuting

In what is clearly a demonstration of military mobility near the sensitive border with China, the IAF landed a Boeing-made C-17 Globemaster III at Tuting in Arunachal Pradesh.

14 Mar 2018

Basic Rafale cost Rs 670 crore, says government to take on Congress

The government chose to come out with the basic price through a written answer in Parliament by the Minister of State for Defence, Subhash Bhamre. ‚Äč

13 Mar 2018

France pitches for another batch of 36 Rafale jets procurement by India

Sources said there was a communication from the French government recently indicating its eagerness in making an announcement favouring additional procurement of Rafale jets for the Indian Air Force.

11 Mar 2018

Maldives declines India's invite for naval exercise 'Milan': Navy chief Admiral Sunil Lanba

The exercise held once every two years is a friendly drill for India and the navies of the Indian Ocean Rim countries to network socially and through drills.

27 Feb 2018

Army chief's statement 'political and shocking': AIUDF party chief Badruddin Ajmal

Army chief Gen Bipin Rawat's statement on the rapid growth of the AIUDF in Assam is "political and shocking", party president Badruddin Ajmal said today.

22 Feb 2018

Chinese warship movement detected in Indian Ocean amid Maldives turmoil

The flotilla entered the Indian Ocean through the Strait of Sunda but returned around the middle of this month.

20 Feb 2018

Since ‘Concubine’ and Cold War, India’s Blue Lagoon story sours

The Brazil-made Embraer aircraft of the Indian Air Force took off from Hulhule island near the Maldivian capital of Male, flew south, circled a ring of islets—an atoll—and landed at a World War II air

11 Feb 2018

Sunjuwan attack: Sitharaman sets 10-month deadline for security in military stations

The government “has sanctioned Rs 1,487 crore to the army for perimeter security,” defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman tweeted even as gunshots could be heard from outside the Sunjuwan camp.

10 Feb 2018

ENCORE navy exercise called off

The navy called-off a month-long exercise that involved nearly all its operational assets – warships, submarines and aircraft.

07 Feb 2018

Day after India tests Agni 5, China worries ‘Quad’ navy chiefs

The test’s timing, coming on the back of recent frontier face-offs with China near Sikkim and in Arunachal Pradesh, adds sharpness to tensions.

19 Jan 2018

Terrorvision: Need to identify nations sponsoring terrorism. says Army chief Bipin Rawat

Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said that it was important to have curbs on the internet and social media to counter terrorism.

17 Jan 2018

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