Gangubhai Kathiawadi to Bhool Bhulaiyya 2, can we expect more women-centric films in future? 

Two heroines have delivered blockbusters and moved on to work on their next films in Hindi cinema.

9 hours ago

The triumph of a good story

A chance lunch post a recent film shoot led to a bunch of us talking about the kind of films doing well at the box-office right now.

13 Jun 2022

Vikram calling the shots

The year was 1985. The streets of Mylapore were agog with excitement. Camera and lights got the sedate Arisikaran street buzzing, with the crew hustling around, but I still had to go to school.

30 May 2022

Real stories make for great cinema

Personal films make for great debuts, as evidenced by Sivakarthikeyan’s Don.

16 May 2022

A mass hero, an inspiration

There are heroes and then there is Ajith, who celebrates his 51st birthday yesterday.

02 May 2022

Big dreams for the big screen

The big screen has never been this bright since Covid-19 took over our lives.

18 Apr 2022

Beast of the star

I love the masala film genre, for in it, lies every emotion. If Hollywood has its Marvel films, Indian cinema and more importantly,

04 Apr 2022

Grey is in vogue

“Neenga nallavaraa kettavaraa?” “Theriyaliye pa…” These are perhaps the best two lines to summarise a role that cannot be boxed into either black or white.

21 Mar 2022

Reign of the queens in Bollywood

Alia has blossomed into this actor who can do anything on screen, and she does this so well that filmmakers weave their stories around her.

07 Mar 2022

What’s fit for OTT?

Theatres are back to 100 percent occupancy and films are queuing up.

21 Feb 2022

STR's heroic transformation

Along with his efforts towards getting fitter, his video also tells us one thing, good things take time.

07 Feb 2022

The great shows in our reach

There is no equivalent to watching a movie on the big screen, but in times of lockdown, one has all the time, and one needs options. 

24 Jan 2022

An avalanche of cinema

From what seemed like a spell of drought, we have now gone towards a season of aplenty!

27 Dec 2021

When will Rajinikanth get the film he deserves?

Let's take a moment to recall the journey of Sivaji Rao Gaekwad, a man of meagre means who staked his all to equip himself as an actor before knocking on the doors of producers/directors.

29 Nov 2021

Will our filmmakers look towards literature?

Recently, Netflix’s French show, Lupin, modernised a legendary comic series into an updated tale set in picturesque Paris.

15 Nov 2021