Sujatha Narayanan

An avalanche of cinema

From what seemed like a spell of drought, we have now gone towards a season of aplenty!

27 Dec 2021

When will Rajinikanth get the film he deserves?

Let's take a moment to recall the journey of Sivaji Rao Gaekwad, a man of meagre means who staked his all to equip himself as an actor before knocking on the doors of producers/directors.

29 Nov 2021

Will our filmmakers look towards literature?

Recently, Netflix’s French show, Lupin, modernised a legendary comic series into an updated tale set in picturesque Paris.

15 Nov 2021

A festival of lights and action

At home, relatives and family throng the drawing room to watch favorite stars talk about their movies.

01 Nov 2021

Just what the 'Doctor' ordered

At the time, I didn’t know it would be October 2021 when I would set foot in the hall again.

18 Oct 2021

STR: The second innings

Simbu has always been what one can call a ‘package’. He sings well, dances like a dream, emotes convincingly.

04 Oct 2021

When fear and mirth co-exist

In spiritual realm, a mirror is the gateway for connecting with souls and this scene remains one of the most effective ‘dual role reveals’ in a film.

20 Sep 2021

Realm of new possibility

There is a certain allure when a woman plays the lead. You can write her character in myriad ways.

06 Sep 2021

Thamizh Talkies: What's success on OTT?

The all-encompassing process of filmmaking is one huge collective effort. But seldom is this effort hailed; instead, it’s the end result that is hailed or rejected.

23 Aug 2021

Rise of the underdog

Sarpatta is also that film which tells you what a wondrous art form moviemaking is!

26 Jul 2021

A whole new world

The huge buzz generated for Netflix's Navarasa is not just because of the names in it, but also the potential quality of content.

12 Jul 2021

MS Viswanathan and Kannadasan: Two geniuses born on same day

The birthdays of two icons, MS Viswanathan and Kannadasan, went by last week; both formed a good part of childhood memories.

28 Jun 2021

The deserved hype for Jagame Thanthiram

Expectations for the film are sky-high and the fan furore online is evident from the zillion ‘JT sessions’ on Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces.

14 Jun 2021

The new reels

When we have already paid for an OTT subscription, the idea of having to pay again for just one movie has not cut ice so far.

17 May 2021

Thamizh Talkies: Show, don’t tell

Last week, there was an online poll about naming the one filmmaker in whose cinema the camera work was noteworthy.

03 May 2021