Sujatha Narayanan

Rise of the underdog

Sarpatta is also that film which tells you what a wondrous art form moviemaking is!

26 Jul 2021

A whole new world

The huge buzz generated for Netflix's Navarasa is not just because of the names in it, but also the potential quality of content.

12 Jul 2021

MS Viswanathan and Kannadasan: Two geniuses born on same day

The birthdays of two icons, MS Viswanathan and Kannadasan, went by last week; both formed a good part of childhood memories.

28 Jun 2021

The deserved hype for Jagame Thanthiram

Expectations for the film are sky-high and the fan furore online is evident from the zillion ‘JT sessions’ on Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces.

14 Jun 2021

The new reels

When we have already paid for an OTT subscription, the idea of having to pay again for just one movie has not cut ice so far.

17 May 2021

Thamizh Talkies: Show, don’t tell

Last week, there was an online poll about naming the one filmmaker in whose cinema the camera work was noteworthy.

03 May 2021

Just for laughs

Comedy is perhaps the toughest round in the performance game and mastering that is an art privy to the innately talented.

19 Apr 2021

The immortal heroines

When asked to name one favourite actress and one standout performance on Twitter, the names that came up went as far back as Meena Kumari.

05 Apr 2021

Tollywood and Kollywood: The tale of two industries

Only in the late 80s and early 90s did we see the Tollywood film industry shift from Madras to Hyderabad.

22 Mar 2021

Winds of change

There’s a lot that needs to change, a lot that has also changed over the years when it comes to ‘portrayal of women’ onscreen. Take, for example, the proverbial ‘falling in love’ scene from the 60s.

08 Mar 2021

Onscreen kisses, offscreen trolls

Let’s fast-forward from the 80s and 90s and jump into the new millennium in which Hindi cinema normalised the onscreen kiss.

22 Feb 2021

Where are the ROMCOMS?

The genre itself is such an underplayed one of late, with crime, sex comedies and thrillers occupying much of the content space in theatre releases, and obviously on OTT platforms as well.

08 Feb 2021

Vijay Sethupathi: A unique star

The actor, of course, is Vijay Sethupathi. Master has emerged as much a Vijay Sethupathi triumph as it’s a Vijay grosser.

25 Jan 2021

The undying song

The same director would work with the same music director and singers who would create repeated magic with the same hero or heroine.

11 Jan 2021

The OTT year: Effects on cinema due to lockdown

It’s that time of the year again where the word ‘review’ gets a whole new meaning not just in newspaper columns but also in our lives.

28 Dec 2020

The new normal

The idea of not making enough money but still not losing heart over trials and roadblocks, has never felt this gratifying.

14 Dec 2020

Dance, dance baby

Our Indian cinema is a perfect platform for all three and more art forms. I reserve a special place for one art form in particular: dance.

30 Nov 2020

A Deepavali unlike any other

A Deepavali release in Tamil cinema has always meant a ‘high’ for audiences and filmmakers alike.

16 Nov 2020

Bigg Boss Tamil: A host of important topics

There’s something new about Bigg Boss Tamil this year and it’s not just the colourful set or the contestants.

02 Nov 2020

A downpour of emotion

Watching the grey Chennai sky this morning, I couldn’t help but reminisce about how and when rain became a ‘character’ in our movies.

19 Oct 2020

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