COVID wave ebbing in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata?

An analysis of daily COVID cases and deaths in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata shows that the wave may have already peaked there.

18 Jan 2022

Covid 'Omicron' variant: Hospitalisation under 4 per cent, finds latest research

Though the sample size is small, the study by the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences is representative of the Omicron surge across India

17 Jan 2022

Covaxin booster effective in neutralising Omicron, says Bharat Biotech

Sera samples from individuals who received a booster of Covaxin were observed to be effective in neutralizing Omicron and Delta variants, the firm said in a statement.

12 Jan 2022

Sharp rise in Covid transmission rate in India as Omicron spread continues

There are at least 17 states,  including the most populous ones, which have an R value — the rate at which an infected person is transferring the disease to others — greater than the national average.

12 Jan 2022

Deploy med students; no need to test asymptomatic: Centre

While the advisory is aimed at conserving resources, it also means that the count of frech cases could significantly go under the radar.

11 Jan 2022

Expert panel ponders upon restructuring of COVID vaccines against Omicron

NK Arora, head of COVID Working Group of the NTAGI, told that daily deliberations are on whether the existing vaccines in India can be specifically tailored against Omicron.

09 Jan 2022

COVID-19: Centre estimates 6 crore to be eligible for booster shot by March

As the Omicron is pushing the daily infections through the roof, many health care workers feel it may already be late for administering booster jabs.

08 Jan 2022

Centre says onus of spending Covid funds lies with states

States were urged to ensure optimal utilization of the ECRP-II funds and to upload the expenditure on the National Health Mission portal so that they are eligible for further funds.

07 Jan 2022

Third wave: As Covid-19 hospitalisations rise, even the vaccinated are not spared

Vaccinated persons who get the virus are more likely to have mild symptoms, if any, since the shots trigger multiple defences in the immune system, making it more difficult for Omicron.

07 Jan 2022

Private hospitals functioning as vaccination centres may give free booster jabs to staffers: Centre

The hospitals will have the option of offering the dose for free to their own staffers or at the stipulated cost, said the Centre.

06 Jan 2022

Omicron effect? India's COVID TPR zooms, new cases up by more than 55 per cent

Top health authorities sounded alarm bells on increasing cases and test positivity, while saying early trends suggest hospitalisations are low as compared to that during the second wave.

06 Jan 2022

No mix and match of Covid vaccines for booster jabs: Govt

Those who’ve received Covaxin will receive Covaxin, those who’ve received primary two doses of Covishield will receive Covishield, said VK Paul, member-health, NITI Aayog.

05 Jan 2022

Maharashtra worst on Centre’s COVID fund utilisation; Delhi, Tamil Nadu among top five performers

So far, only five states have reported expenditure of more than 50% which include Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.

05 Jan 2022

Omicron outbreak: India monitoring hospitalisation data of kids across the world

In many countries, children and adolescents, aged 5 and above, have either not received any Covid vaccine at all or have not been administered with booster doses yet. 

04 Jan 2022

Revised expiry dates of Covaxin triggers controversy as 15-17-year-olds get jab, Centre clarifies

Several people took to social media on Monday to claim that their teenage kids were being administered Covaxin doses from vials which were showing expiry dates of previous weeks...

03 Jan 2022