Sumit Kumar Jha

Broken radio? This man can fix it 

Muhammad Moinuddin in Old City is the only one in the country who can repair valve amplifier radio set

08 Jan 2020

Historical fiction at the core of the discussion

The discussion was organised by  writer Sai Papineni, in the context of his recently launched his book Amaravathi: Through Ages published by Sahithi Prachuranalu.

08 Jan 2020

From no-touch vada batter to pre-made coffee decoction

 Think homemade breakfast and you think of freshly fermented, healthy batter at home.

28 Dec 2019

Straight-from-the-heart verses about living away from Hyderabad

On the walls of Salar Jung museum hang the photographs of notable poet Afsar Muhammad, who is celebrating 40 years of his poetry. 

21 Dec 2019

Creating a safe space to talk mental health

Think about the word wellness, the first thing that probably comes to one’s mind is physical wellness.

19 Dec 2019

Gender is fluid, not binary, says play

The international campaign challenges violence against women and girls.

12 Dec 2019

Moms-to-be bond across a week, celebrate pregnancy

Throughout the event, the participants looked motivated, engaged and active.

10 Dec 2019

Hyderabad-based man develops an app for ageing people who stay alone

The app helps them drive them to a hospital, escorts them to a wedding and even help them download a movie on Youtube and watch it.

10 Dec 2019

Hyderbad-based writer Nandivelugu Karthikeya gears up for this third book 'Mondi'

This book is based on Edward de Bono’s lateral thinking, translated into Telugu.

05 Dec 2019

Tensions in South China Sea: Implications for India

On the other hand, mindful of Beijing’s designs, the US has taken calibrated efforts to protect the region from being dominated by China.

01 Apr 2016