India@75: How Indian economy regained its mojo and how it can be the bird of gold again

Sadly, the task of shifting India away from state-directed economic development, remains unfinished, even three decades after this plan was first set in motion.    

17 Aug 2022

RBI's aggressive rate hike signals trying times ahead

Friday's rate hike only confirms how inflation perched itself firmly above the central banks' upper tolerance band of 6%, and will likely stay there at least until December.

05 Aug 2022

Global economy facing a knife-at-the-throat situation, warns IMF; cuts India's growth forecast

As for price rise, the IMF made no bones about the fact that inflation is here to stay. Its baseline projections for global inflation are pessimistic.

26 Jul 2022

It's official! Twitter-Musk won't have a happy Hollywood ending after all

The acquisition, which started as a hostile bid, avoided an ugly takeover battle, only to end up in a legal dispute with Musk bailing out on Friday. 

09 Jul 2022

If rupee was a man, right now he’s somewhat footloose and fancy-free

The Indian currency, unmindful of its committment to the economy, is touching new lows each day. Last week, it tore into 79 against the US dollar and now seems steadfast on cracking 80.

04 Jul 2022

Ongoing rate hikes won’t lower headline inflation, which will remain elevated throughout FY23

Empirical evidence shows that inflation above 6% is unambiguously harmful for growth, so RBI will remain hawkish. But how much more tightening is in store? 

26 Jun 2022

RBI delivers a 'no-brainer' hike, but warns there's no stopping inflation from whacking us all

Worryingly, the central bank confirmed that headline inflation will whack us all breaching RBI's upper tolerance band of 6% for three quarters straight, or until December.

08 Jun 2022

Headline GDP growth numbers in FY22 look satisfactory, but there is pain hidden within

For instance, on the expenditure side, the two key components -- consumption and investment together accounting for a staggering 88% of the GDP -- are still covered in cuts and bruises.

31 May 2022

USD 5 trillion economy: The curious case of India’s rise to the top 5

In 2022, the IMF projects India’s $3.53 trillion economy to overtake Britain’s $3.38 trillion.

22 May 2022

Where inflation stands today: Has it hit peak?

That’s because, rising rates make government debt unsustinable and can even spark a debt crisis, besides of course causing an economic slowdown.

15 May 2022

RBI rate hike may be good for the economy, but not for most of you

The only upshot is that real rates will move towards neutral over the next few quarters and will benefit savers.

04 May 2022

RBI report on GDP loss ‘belies’ Finance Ministry estimates

That’s Rs 219 crore output loss every hour as against the finance ministry’s forecast of Rs 110 crore.

01 May 2022

Elon Musk makes the right noises but critics worry about his motive for buying Twitter

If the deal does pass muster, Twitter will go back to being a private entity, which means it'll be subjected to less regulatory oversight. This will irk transparency crusaders.

26 Apr 2022

Doubts over monetary policy efficacy as previous cuts not transmitted

Interest rate hikes are barreling towards us, but ironically, the previous rate cuts haven’t been fully transmitted yet, raising doubts over the efficacy of monetary policy transmission. 

25 Apr 2022

RBI’s balance-sheet registers 8.3 per cent growth in FY22

The RBI’s balance-sheet increased by Rs 4.7 lakh crore in FY22, registering a growth of 8.3% over FY21. 

13 Apr 2022