Sunitha Natti

India's latest GDP numbers cement its position as the world's fastest growing major economy

The feel-good cheer, however, ends with headline number as the sub-components of GDP made uneven contributions.

30 Nov 2023

South India sees sharp surge in personal loan consumption, North and East lags

South India is leading in terms of personal loan growth, while Mumbai -- home to a large number of corporate headquarters -- leads in deposits

18 Nov 2023

Despite rate hikes, consumers are paying less interest today than they did before the pandemic

Assuming credit remains fixed at FY20 levels, interest costs in FY24 will likely be Rs 9.91 lakh crore, which is Rs 25,000 crore less than Rs 10.16 lakh crore paid in FY20.

06 Nov 2023

Is it time for GST exemptions to go?

A paper by National Institute of Public Finance and Policy suggests that bringing goods like foodgrains, milk, transport and healthcare under GST will not hurt the poor as much as the rich

01 Nov 2023

RBI once again raises red flag over rising personal loans

"The need of the hour is robust risk management and stronger underwriting standards," RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das said in his monetary policy statement on Friday.

27 Oct 2023

Six months after the last RBI rate hike, most of the banks yet to pass them on

An analysis of RBI's own data reveals that a substantial chunk of the 250 bps increase in interest rate by the central bank is yet to find its way to the borrowers and depositors

07 Oct 2023

Repo rate unchanged, but Das' commentary indicates caution on inflation

India see threats from a loaded triple-barreled gun of higher global crude oil prices, price rise and other external uncertainties affecting rupee and exports.

06 Oct 2023

RBI likely to maintain status quo

For the fourth consecutive time, the apex bank might keep the repo rate unchanged at 6.5%

03 Oct 2023

Should states avoid switching back to the old pension scheme? RBI economists think so

The report by RBI economists points out that while switching back to the old pension system may yield some short-term benefits, the scheme may end up costing four time as much in the long term

27 Sep 2023

Individuals and service sector loans continue to dominate as industrial credit demand slows

Loans to individuals and the service sector are now No.1 and No.2, as industrial credit demand has shown clear signs of a slowdown

16 Sep 2023

GDP growth hits four-quarter high of 7.8% but inflation and unemployment rate remain worries

While the headline number is lower than the anticipated 8%, the sub-components are a mixed bag. Here's the overall sketch.

31 Aug 2023

Wall Street relieved Jerome Powell dropped no bombs in Jackson Hole, but how long can the optimism last?

The Street got no assurance of rate-cuts, or even a pause, from Jerome Powell at Jackson Hole on Friday. But for now, it seems to be happy that the Fed chair dropped no bombs like he did last year.

27 Aug 2023

'Ticking time bomb': As China's economy enters sick bay, experts fear slump may get deeper

If the beginning of 2023 held optimism about a rapid recovery, latest data dispatches make only one thing clear: the numbers aren't with them.

18 Aug 2023

State of the economy on I-Day: Tomato tantrums and stinging food prices biggest headaches

Headline inflation soared to 7.4% in July led by food prices that are back in the double-digit zone at 11.51%. Just a month ago in June, inflation stood at 4.8%.

15 Aug 2023

RBI, repo rate and tomatoes: A hawkish Das upsets the 'peak rate' narrative

Until now, markets were asking when will rate cuts begin? Following Thursday's policy statement, the question is if rate hikes will make a comeback.

10 Aug 2023

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