Sunitha Natti

With food and fuel inflation tigers on the loose, Centre must step into the ring and now

There's an immediate problem approaching us. If rains don't pick pace in July-August, lower crop yields will feed into the food inflation monster...

12 Jul 2021

Rs 6.3 lakh crore boost with Rs 1 lakh-odd crore spend? FM's stimulus tips its hat to health too

The bottom line was that Monday's Rs 6.3 lakh crore package had little fiscal component, with much of it comprising credit guarantees and the rest involving budget allocations.

28 Jun 2021

Can the Indian economy quickly grab the sustainable 7% real growth it desires? 

The key at the moment lies with our monetary masters, aka RBI, as price and financial stability are central to economic stability. The latter is unthinkable before we conquer the other two. 

28 Jun 2021

Bank credit-to-GDP up, but India lags peers

At 58 per cent, India’s bank credit-to-GDP ratio is at a 5-year high (56 per cent in 2015), yet it is just over half of what G20 economies clocked last year.

23 Jun 2021

High forex reserves to help pay off external debt worth USD 563 billion comfortably

From the 1991 balance of payment crisis that caused ‘a threat of national humiliation,’ the 30-year journey from ‘agony to comfort’ is indeed a matter of pride.

13 Jun 2021

Wilful defaults go downhill amid stay on tagging NPA, but may spike in FY22

The comparison may not be entirely apt as the number of banks reduced from 17 to 10 in FY21 due to mergers and also due to privatisation of IDBI Bank. 

08 Jun 2021

Philosophical RBI holds rates, announces dispiriting GDP growth rate correction

This wasn't entirely unexpected as RBI had dutifully released a trailer last month hinting of a 'highly uncertain and clouded with downside risks' economic future.

04 Jun 2021

India's Covid cost: GDP contracts after 40 years, Rs 10 lakh crore haemorrhaged in one year

Worryingly, the RBI's consumer confidence surveys show a worsening consumer sentiment and deteriorating sentiments 'on general economic situation, income and prices.'

01 Jun 2021

Post-lockdown boost in spending pushes Q3 household financial savings to 8.1 per cent of GDP

The decline was due to the unwinding of precautionary and forced savings seen during last year’s peak pandemic months of April-June, 2020.

30 May 2021

Pink slip for Rs 2000 notes? RBI pulls out Rs 57,757 crore worth of them in FY21

On the other hand, the central bank ramped up printing of Rs 500 notes to keep up with the demand for cash all through last fiscal. It now accounts for 68.4% of total banknotes in circulation.

27 May 2021

Ongoing lockdowns may lead to GDP loss of Rs 5-6 lakh crore in Q1 of FY22, say estimates

The projected losses may amount to cuts and bruises on the economy as against last fiscal's broken bones owing to a historic 24% contraction in Q1 of FY21

25 May 2021

Decoding the Reserve Bank’s balance sheet math

It’s a pandemic year, but unlike other central banks, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has been resisting deficit monetisation and aggressive balance sheet expansion.

23 May 2021

India’s m-cap hits all-time high

Total market value of all listed firms beats FY21’s estimated nominal GDP at $2.9 trillion

18 May 2021

Southeast Asian economies languish as Covid curbs linger

It’s as if Asian economies are struggling just to make it from one quarter to the next. 

14 May 2021

RBI makes Covid-19 crisis confession, unloads monetary weapons to fight onslaught ahead

As for growth, Das sounded optimistic that the drag on the economy could be moderate than last year, even though the slump comes just when 'India was at the foothills of a strong recovery.'

05 May 2021