Sushmitha Ramakrishnan

KC Sivasankar would tie up his swollen hand and continue drawing

“When he was 92, his hands started swelling with pain when he drew. He would tie a rag around his wrist to prevent swelling, and continue drawing all day,” said K Radha, his daughter.

15 hours ago

Tamil Nadu govt releases reduced syllabus for Class 9 students, mulls reopening classes 

About a third of the syllabus is earmarked as "optional" and the rest as "priority syllabus". Students will be tested only on the priority syllabus and teachers can teach the rest if they find time.

25 Jan 2021

Hold exams only after polls: Teachers

Teachers conducting these tests have urged the government to conduct the public exams only after the 2021 Assembly elections.

24 Jan 2021

Colleges forcing students to attend in-person classes?

No official communication sent out, but students in Chennai pressured to show up

22 Jan 2021

Old and almost-forgotten Tamil textbooks to get new lease of life and be sold online

Tamil textbooks which slipped out of common usage after the 1960s and 1970s, will soon be available online - even on popular e-commerce websites.

18 Jan 2021

COVID-19 spike likely if Bhogi causes rise in pollution level

However, every year, the pollution spikes severely as people burn old tyres and plastic, making the air hazardous.

13 Jan 2021

Holding your breath may increase chances of contracting COVID-19, says IIT Madras study

The research has found that the process of virus-laden droplets being transported deep into the lungs increases with low breathing frequency, according to a statement issued by the institute

11 Jan 2021

Physical inspection of private TN engineering colleges highly likely this year

Private engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu have to apply for Anna University’s provisional affiliation online this year due to the pandemic.

11 Jan 2021

Soon, read your favourite Tamil classics in English

As a part of the first phase of this initiative, translation and publication of six Tamil books have been completed.

10 Jan 2021

Demand to reopen schools for classes 10, 12 grows

Public exams coming up but students have little or no lab training

08 Jan 2021

Sick of Zoom meetings? Clearly, even kids have had enough

As schools across the State have been shut since last March, online classes have become the alternative for most students.

08 Jan 2021

School reopening: Tamil Nadu govt seeks feedback from parents, teachers by January 8

School Education Director S Kannappan said the department has been contemplating reopening schools for students in these two classes alone, in a bid to prepare them for public exams.

04 Jan 2021

Expecting dip in footfall, say Chennai colleges as brace up for welcoming back students from Monday

The representatives of college managements said that the spread of the new strain of virus from the UK and the outbreak of clusters at IIT-Madras and star hotels have renewed the fear.

04 Jan 2021

Rescued for life from the ‘Rabbit hole’

As many as 13 bonded labourers, including six children, were rescued from a rabbit and poultry farm in Tiruvallur district

03 Jan 2021

The lessons 2020 taught Tamil Nadu's education sector

Tamil Nadu’s three-year-long gripe with the NEET mellowed this year after the State government announced a 7.5 per cent reservation for government school students.

26 Dec 2020