Swaran Singh

Will China’s XI do a Mao Zedong?

Here’s what to expect at the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress which starts next Wednesday.

11 Oct 2017

Will this trip beef up our borders?

Defying all infrastructural limitations, our soldiers have guarded remote borders. It is now our turn to pay them back

27 Sep 2017

Nepal moves closer to the dragon

Doklam is not the only disputed tri-junction. China is using Lipulekh to try and weaken ties between India and Nepal

09 Aug 2017

Modifying India’s Israel policy

The first visit by an Indian Prime Minister to Israel seals a dramatic shift in New Delhi’s foreign policy

05 Jul 2017

New Delhi’s answer to OBOR

India and Japan woo Africa with the 'Freedom Corridor' in a bid to counteract  China’s massive economic project

22 May 2017

Building BRICS of economic engagements

The Goa Summit will provide a framework to understand India’s strengths

05 Oct 2016