Swarna Rajagopalan

Women, global norms and local rights

How do mammoth gender equality conventions in places far away help the lives of women in Gudiyattam or Hubli?

06 Mar 2020

When feminism meets foreign policy

When a developing country adopts a feminist foreign policy, it suggests conviction that these values are worth any risks or isolation that might follow

06 Feb 2020

The duty to protect each other

In multi-nation states like India, to align citizenship along cultural or community markers is to exclude

30 Dec 2019

Women, peace and democracy

19 years after UN Resolution 1325, the gender discourse is reaching beyond traditional conflicts to embrace militarisation & communal hostilities.

02 Nov 2019

What happens after #MeToo movement?

Recent events have put the spotlight on consent and the ubiquitous sexual violence that women face. And now is the time to talk about it

11 Dec 2017