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When they Fell in Love at the Admission Queue

Their affair started in a filmy style - they met in 1975 at the admission queue of a medical college. They fell in love almost immediately and have been together for almost 40 years. Dr Sudhakar Krishnamurti, one of the first few andrologists in the country and Dr Kiran share their love story with Swati Sharma

06 Feb 2016

All Things Sweet!

What started with just bringing authentic regional sweets to a single platform, Sweet Experience has moved forward to bring more regional specific foods, pickles, savouries, spices, honey etc. online.

03 Feb 2016

Know Thyself via Genes

Wonder why you have such tiny ears? Or felt envious of the deep dimple that your neighbour’s daughter has? Or wonder what it would be if you were Deepika Padukone’s height? Or dreaded when dinner was paalak ki sabzi? Mapmygenome is where you can get the accurate details of your ancestry and your gene traits.

03 Feb 2016

When Reel Romance Got Real

Even after 17 years in the entertainment industry, Suma and Rajiv Kanakala are so devoted to each other that you will be touched by their love story, writes Swati Sharma.

30 Jan 2016

Growing up in Love

B Vinod Kumar and Dr B Madhavi have not just been together for the last 26 years but have known each other since childhood. The successful couple, exuding the warmth and contentment of a happy husband and wife, share their love story with Swati Sharma

23 Jan 2016

What's Cooking in the Mandap?

The wedding season is on. Young and to-be married couples are hiring wedding planners to take care of the many details to make the big day memorable and hassle free. We spoke to a few wedding planners to find out more

19 Jan 2016

Committed to Make it One

The couple – joint commissioner of Income Tax, Amisha Srivastava Gupt, and Lt Col Saurabh Gupt – believes in couples from Sooraj Barjatiya movies with plenty of money, ideal relatives, no work, ancestral property, fail proof support system and everyone around you looking stunning 24x7 are the model couple. But unfortunately there is no such thing in reality. “By that measure, we think ours is a model marriage because we are committed to make it one.”

09 Jan 2016

Really in Pink of Your Health?

Although, Addyi, a drug dubbed as the ‘female Viagra,’ won backing from an important FDA panel, doctors are concerned about its effects

06 Jan 2016

Doctors' Formula to Love and Believe

They are both professionals in the same industry – healthcare. Dr Mahesh Joshi and Dr Varsha had many distinctly differing tastes, but 18 years of togetherness helped them discover enough ways to manage each other well

02 Jan 2016

Magic of an Arranged Marriage

First they — Dr Kasu Prasad Reddy and Shylaja — married, then became friends never to be parted either in this life or in the lives to come. Dr Kasu Prasad Reddy takes a walk down the memory lane for Swati Sharma

26 Dec 2015

Simplicity at its Best

Hailing from Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh, Dr Kutikuppala Surya Rao has been recognised for his work in HIV medicine. The doctor and his wife, Gruhalakshmi share their wedding story with Swati Sharma

19 Dec 2015

Not a Smart Decision

17 Dec 2015

Romance with Words

Preeti Shenoy, author of \'Why We Love The Way We Do’, shares her top five reads which is a mixed bag – from romance to Roal Dahl

16 Dec 2015

Shutterbug on a Hyderabad Roll

An Australian expatriate photographer showcases India through her pictures and exhibitions of digital work, acrylic art and watercolours

12 Dec 2015

My Tryst With Hyderabad

Chandana Chakrabarti who, currently runs her own consultancy organisation, Sukriti, gets nostalgic about the city

08 Dec 2015

Love at Home and all Other Places

Couples who are in the same profession are not a new phenomenon. Doctors who have tied the knot too are quite many. But Dr Padmaja and Dr Ch Mohana Vamsy have been together for as long as 25 years. They have remained strong and in love in both mind and spirit

05 Dec 2015

Steps of his Life

Haleem Khan, the Kuchipudi exponent, who has staged more than 800 solo and group performances in India and abroad, shares his learnings through the dance routine

02 Dec 2015

Stitching the GAP

01 Dec 2015

The Joy in Chaos

Seema Azharuddin, producer, actor, activist, shares her love for the city – past, present and future – with Hyderabad Express

01 Dec 2015

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