T J S George

Vande Bharat beats China, COVID

Why were economic realities never a factor in India’s relations with China? Lazy India became dependent on hardworking China for even everyday items.

02 Aug 2020

Why Varavara Rao matters 

There was neither common sense nor political sense in putting Telugu poet and activist Varavara Rao in jail two years ago without trial and bail.

26 Jul 2020

Covid another tool of power

No prime minister has had a God-given opportunity like Covid to consolidate his power and put himself beyond challenge.

19 Jul 2020

Why north and south do not meet

Pardon my parochialism (or is it realism?) but I do feel that north and south are different and never the twain shall meet.

12 Jul 2020

Giving Marx to our leaders

Since Marx was the paramacharya of communism, it’s only fair to begin by asking whether our communist leaders contributed according to their ability?

05 Jul 2020

‘Crappiest Team’ Vs China

It may sound anti-national, but it needs to be said: India is no match to China.

28 Jun 2020

Why our rulers like pandemics

Any kind of crisis gives unlimited powers to ruling elites who, for that reason, welcome crises and emergencies.

21 Jun 2020

Indira: The evil and the good

During the Indira years, the BBC had more influence in India than it has today and no BBC name was more awe-inspiring than Dimbleby.

14 Jun 2020

No Wimbledon. no cinema. why live!

Mysore will never be the same to me again; Southern Star, my home on many a visit, has shut down.

07 Jun 2020

After 15 prime ministers, what?

The Prime Minister who stood out as an authentic author was Jawaharlal Nehru. His ‘The Discovery of India’ and ‘An Autobiography’ are recognised as masterpieces.

31 May 2020

Ready for a grave new world?

Humour helps us survive man-made catastrophes. But it does not erase reality.

24 May 2020

Criticism cannot be sedition

The second thing that sent me off to the dining table was the nothing-new feeling created by the prime ministerial message. 

17 May 2020

Turning leadership into drama

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, saved from a near-fatal attack of coronavirus, gratefully named his baby after his doctors.

10 May 2020

Is blaming China a way out?

Most of the stories now being heard about the origin and nature of the pandemic are alarming.

03 May 2020

The world to end in 30 years ?

What was only a spiritual note of caution then has now acquired real-life validity, thanks to the coronavirus.

26 Apr 2020