T M Thomas Isaac

The governor and government in Kerala

The governor is not amenable to a rational discourse and is in a hurry to unsettle the higher educational system in Kerala and seek vengeance on the vice-chancellors.

09 Nov 2022

Fiscal federalism and hullabaloo around freebies

How can the Centre justify its tax concessions to the rich while running a continuous revenue deficit?

20 Sep 2022

Controversy around GST rate hike

Instead of taking the simple route, someone came up with the bright idea of giving up the classification of branded and non-branded. This was a clever ploy to help corporates.

02 Aug 2022

Agnipath and the revolt of the unemployed

Reduction in government employment is an essential component of the neoliberal fiscal strategy and such an agitation has been in the making for some time now.

23 Jun 2022

Apex court’s GST judgment and fiscal federalism

Many veterans of the GST Council have openly complained about the manner in which the Council’s business was transacted.

01 Jun 2022

The time to put SilverLine project in action is now

There is an urgent requirement for a fast mass transit alternative for long-distance road travel. Thus, it is important to have at least a semi high-speed greenfield railway line.

02 Apr 2022

The winners and losers in LIC IPO game

No consultations have been held with policyholders, the true owners. Most of them are unaware of the fundamental change in the character of LIC that is being brought about.

03 Mar 2022

A non-inclusive stagflation Budget

In the background of the farmers’ agitations, if anybody had the illusion of the government adopting a more sympathetic stance towards cultivators, they are going to be disappointed.

02 Feb 2022