Tamanna S Mehdi

Bring nature into your home

Irealised how bare my one-bedroom flat was when I started WFH last year after being stuck at home due to Covid-19 and the lockdown.

04 May 2021

‘Need help, not mere gestures’

Love, hugs, kisses and prayers, all virtual, are pouring in for Indians from across the world as the country grapples with a deadly second wave of the pandemic.

01 May 2021

Work-life balance needed for WFH

In the post, Jonathan makes six decisions that he will make to change his lifestyle if he survives, which include, not spending all day on Zoom and restructuring his approach to work.

27 Apr 2021

Stress can lead to brain fog

The Internet is flooded with stories of people suffering from brain fog.

24 Apr 2021

Desi cloud storage soon in Telugu

Since its launch in December last year as part of Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, the platform has over 60,000 users from the Hyderabad region.

22 Apr 2021

Eat healthy to stay fit during Ramzan

Experts suggest eating balanced and nutritious food to build immunity amid these Covid-19 times and continue fasting during the holy month

21 Apr 2021

The unconditional love portrayed in Bhima Jewellers ad is a hit among Hyderabadis!

A recent unconventional jewellery advertisement showing the journey of a transwoman is trending for all the right reasons. 

20 Apr 2021

Bizwoman bags humanitarian award

The mother of two young boys, Rumana is an engineer and was a corporate professional before she turned into an entrepreneur when she started Serendipity in 2012.

20 Apr 2021

Living on knife’s edge

On World Haemophilia Day, experts highlight the need for awareness and early diagnosis. They also urge patients to take the Covid vaccine on a priority basis

17 Apr 2021

Back to basics

Intense back pains and spine problems have become all too common in the past year. Lockdown, it turns out, has been bad for our backs.

15 Apr 2021

Ugadi subhakankshalu

Ugadi is the onset of the season of freshness and brightness. These young multi-cultural couples tell us about how they integrate their traditions in celebrating the Telugu New Year.

13 Apr 2021

Making a splash!

Developing an unwavering passion for swimming came late for this wonder woman, but that did not dent her from going the entire stretch even as she chose long distance swimming.

03 Apr 2021

Post Holi detox

The high octane festival of colours ushered us into a kaleidoscope of bright tints and energetic revelry coupled with bhang-laced goodies. Looking to now cleanse your skin and body?  

30 Mar 2021

Catch em young!

From selling chocolates and sandwiches to drones, Hyderabadis as young as five-year-olds are leaving no stone un turned to become budding entrepreneurs of the future

30 Mar 2021

Omega-3, dil ke vaastey!

As the Greek physician Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food,” the benefits of food cannot be ignored.

24 Mar 2021