Tania Thomas

Cops turn blind eye to online harassment plaint

She was then directed to the Cyber cell in Cubbon Park, where she was told that her case didn’t involve child pornography or gangrape, hence, was not worthy of a complaint.

30 Jun 2020

Parents, schools spar over fees, classes in Bengaluru

Some private schools in the city have been accused of denying access to online classes to some students.

11 Jun 2020

The show must go on

An increase in number of shows, national and international acclaim, and new performance spaces brought cheer to comic and theatre artistes, as well as musicians in 2018.

31 Dec 2018

Transgender protection bill is transphobic: Activists

The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill was proposed in the parliament in 2014 with the purpose of protecting the rights of the trans community.

22 Dec 2018

Women from slums buckle up and steer ahead to earn ‘like a man’

Like her, 29 other women have signed up for the classes braving odds to accelerate their life by choosing the driver’s seat.

17 Dec 2018

Serving joy to specially-abled children

Mansoor who works as a fund-raiser for APD, is a differently-abled person, who did his schooling from the association.

17 Dec 2018

Queer community walks towards freedom; long road ahead for acceptance

These slogans were shouted out by proud painted faces, on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the city.

10 Dec 2018

Dust from construction work spikes cases of lung, skin-related diseases in Bengaluru

According to pulmonologist Dr K Vinod there's been a visible rise in the number of patients who come to him with lung-related complications, that is caused due to the rise in air pollutants.

05 Dec 2018

Jitters when you see numbers? Math anxiety is real, say experts

 If you have memories of breaking into a sweat, going blank and feeling anxious right before sitting for a math test, you were probably suffering from ‘math anxiety’.

01 Dec 2018

Passion drives him to achieve a ‘power’ful goal

At 4 am every morning, N Eshwara sets out from Mysuru on a Bengaluru-bound train to reach the City Railway Station where he works as a mechanic.

23 Nov 2018

Sari, not sorry: drapes that go beyond gender and caste

Karnataka’s women cops have been told to wear khaki shirts and pants in place of saris.

05 Nov 2018

This show is the purr-fect place to trace cat’s family

The three main judges from the WCF are of German, French and Italian nationalities.

03 Nov 2018

Construction work steals hostelers' sleep in IISc Bengaluru

Until August this year, the construction work did not affect boarders, but it was the noisy work that would go on till 8pm that has started bothering students.

17 Oct 2018

Bringing conversations of inclusion to the mainstream

His personal journey of raising a child with cerebral palsy gave him deep insights about the unequal world we were living in.

17 Oct 2018

Beyond religion... Muslim and Catholic girls to be worshipped as Durga

On Navami, the ninth day of the festival, a Kumari Puja will be conducted where 17 young girls, below the age of 12, will be worshipped.

16 Oct 2018

Pandal hopping for the homesick Bengali 

The large Bengali population in the city – approximately eight to ten lakh people – are spoilt for choice with around 120 Pujos that are being organised in the city, 30 of which are done on a large-sc

15 Oct 2018

Come visit Bangalore's virtual 'Kolkata' at Monkey bar

October is here and so are the festivities of both Pujo and Navratri.

13 Oct 2018

Grieving Bengaluru couple’s foundation spreads road safety awareness

Bengaluru parents, who lost their child in a road mishap four years ago, struggle for justice while also running their foundation - named after their daughter Arundhati - to campaign for good roads. 

01 Oct 2018

What’s the right age to write?

Play schools that were originally meant for children to play, eat and sleep have been converted to pre-schools, where they are introduced to formative learning as soon as they are able to speak.

24 Sep 2018

Main Shayar Toh Nahi gave me my break in film industry: Shailendra Singh

Shailendra Singh was in his second year in Film Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, when he got his break in the film industry.

24 Sep 2018

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