Tanisha Saxena

Where world meets Nagaland   

The Northeast’s distinctive red, black and white woven fabrics have, for centuries, been fashioned into sarongs and shawls.

28 May 2022

Madhubani in Manhattan

Folk artist Pushpa Kumari’s work is being exhibited as part of Global Positioning, a public art show in the US.

14 May 2022

Playing the percentages

A Chennai-based game-maker has designed a board game that teaches children basic financial literacy through trading in restaurants

07 May 2022

Women in charge

The works exhibited at Muse that depicted women through the lens of women artists are now available online for inquiries and sales

07 May 2022

Of Big Fat Desi Weddings 

Fashion designer Karan Torani goes back to his roots and family business with a new collection, Sindhi Tent House, an ode to and a celebration of the families and homes that run because of weddings.  

23 Apr 2022

Being fashion conscious

How much did that yoga track suit cost? Just check the bill. But how much did it cost the environment? TrusTrace has the precise answer.

16 Apr 2022

Reviving the fabric of freedom

Fashion label A Humming Way is revolutionising the way khadi has been perceived for generations by taking its experimental designs to global runways

02 Apr 2022

Bambai Nazariya: A Place of Pride

A new café in Mumbai run by transgenders is all about bringing social inclusivity into dining spaces.

26 Mar 2022

New currency queens; NFT collections inspired from South-Asian culture 

A thought-provoking NFT collection attempts to carve out a space for women

12 Mar 2022

Not Yankee, but Indie-Doodle-Doo!

Mad about doodles? Here’s how a trio of architects came together to create Doodle Mapuls, a range of vibrant artwork on apparel and accessories that explores the form like never before

05 Feb 2022

This mental health cafe in Mohali is here to help you de-stress

A cafe in Punjab’s Mohali offers outlier body and mind therapies that include puppy love

22 Jan 2022

Online fashion studio 'Aishr' blends beauty, culture to create wearable art

The brand works on reducing carbon footprints by using sustainable muslin fabric with  biodegradable dyes and all products are made in limited quantities to avoid wastage.

24 Dec 2021

'The Plated Project' takes the artistic route to address hunger

Launched in 2019, the project claims to have sponsored 511,400 meals around the world. By joining hands with, artists they create one-of-a-kind plates that cost between Rs 700 and Rs 3,000.

18 Dec 2021

Chamar Studio: Cobbling a slur into style

Meet Sudheer Rajbhar who has taken the derogatory term ‘chamar’ that refers to Dalit leather workers, and used it as a name for his Dharavi-based bag brand, flaunting it as a badge of honour.

28 Nov 2021

Pretty and Provocative

From spice inspirations to female reproductive organs, unique statement pieces by conceptual jewellery brand Pethro are all about shock and awe.

16 Oct 2021