Powering the second Covid wave

Fear of the second Covid-19 wave appears non-existent in Karnataka, with huge gatherings, rallies and promotional events being the norm.

25 Mar 2021

Borders on fire: Karnataka's friction with each of its neighbours

Over the years, several people have lost their lives and properties have been damaged on both sides of the border in clashes over the dispute.

21 Mar 2021

Worst Covid effect yet? Children dropping out of school in droves

The seeds for such a worrisome scenario are currently being sown through a disturbing trend of children dropping out of schools.

14 Mar 2021

Social media, a double-edged sword for activism 

Social media has loomed large as a cyber outlet, through which ideas are expressed, trounced, trolled and wars among ideologies and differing views are waged over unending threads.

22 Feb 2021

Illegal mining menace: It is deep and disturbing

According to government estimates, one metric tonne of legally extracted sand or stone fetches the government Rs 27, but is illegally sold for Rs 6,500-7,000.

31 Jan 2021

People of Karnataka roll up sleeve against Covid-19

While some districts saw very few beneficiaries turning up to take the jab, there were also technical glitches with the CoWIN app which resulted in some delay in starting the drive.

17 Jan 2021

Tourism swings back with Covid on decline; Bird flu waits in wings

The tourism industry in the state is on a rebound after a dull patch during the Covid-19 pandemic.

10 Jan 2021

Covid vaccine: Trials done, officials set for D-Day

The second dry run of the Covid-19 vaccine was held in 263 centres across the state on Friday, as part of a countrywide exercise.

09 Jan 2021

Need holistic approach, not rush job, on APMCs: Farmers

This is why, though farmers at one APMC mandi are happy, their counterparts in another are not, despite statewide opposition to the amendments.

27 Dec 2020

Farm row stuck between policy and politics as nutrition hungers for attention

Farming looks mighty easy when your plough is a pencil, and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field,” 34th US President Dwight D Eisenhower once said. 

13 Dec 2020

Gram Panchayat elections: Parties get busy with cradle of grassroots politics

Though dates are not yet announced, the run-up to the exercise at the very base of the political pyramid has already begun, and at a much more feverish pitch than before.

29 Nov 2020

Numbers say it all: Karnataka sits on pretty COVID-19 curve after surge in cases

Soon after March 8, when the first Covid-19 case was reported in Karnataka, the state won accolades for its handling of the pandemic.

22 Nov 2020

Pandemic forces jobless youth to turn to crime

Ameer Ahmed, 28, earned a decent salary as a receptionist at a Bengaluru hotel. He had no criminal history. But Covid changed all that. He lost his job and couldn’t find another.

15 Nov 2020

Mid-day Meals: Five month gap may already have done harm

The suspension of supplies also came at a time when proper nutrition was considered crucial to boost the children’s immunity against Covid-19.

08 Nov 2020

Children take the hit as education goes for a toss amid pandemic

If anything, it has deeply impacted character development of children, many of whom endure lack of access to technology to sustain online classes.

01 Nov 2020