Tunir Biswas

Grapevines of the Past

Long-time thespian and first-time author Kirtana Kumar speaks about her book Bangalore Blues, her motivation for writing it and how it captures the city’s sensibility and ethos

29 Mar 2023

Green affair: music of the future

For this three-time Grammy Award winner, being the face of Earth Hour India wasn’t surprising as music & the environment are two aspects he cares deeply about

14 Mar 2023

The ice age

B’lureans are now opting for ice water baths for its many perceived benefits

14 Mar 2023

Helping from miles away

Born and raised in the US, observing the large-scale deprivation left Raghav Ranga visibly shaken.

12 Mar 2023

Not a faux pas

Fashion designers, analysts and trendsetters in the city point out the rising popularity of faux or vegan leather in the fashion space  

09 Mar 2023

Riding High

“So, when I first started riding, I used to ride in a small space. But then I went to see a national tournament in Pune where I met the late Arjuna awardee Ghulam Mohammed Khan.

07 Mar 2023

Through the looking glass 

City-born American cinematographer Akanksha Shyam, who recently worked on a film produced by Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal, speaks about her filmmaking journey and returning to work in B’luru

06 Mar 2023

Uncharted waters

Post the Goa Swimathon 2023, held recently, organisers, and swimmers from the Bengaluru team talk about encouraging more open-water events

06 Mar 2023

Take a vow

Apart from being the IT City and the  Garden City, Bengaluru has added another feather to its cap of identities - a popular location for destination weddings

04 Mar 2023

I would love to do a Kannada film: Ratna Pathak Shah

For Pathak Shah, cinema in the country right now is getting increasingly progressive. 

02 Mar 2023

Sex workers and the city

Nights in Bengaluru are peaceful. Slightly colder than during the day, most vacant streets remind you of the quaint countryside.

28 Feb 2023

Jack of All Trades: Bengaluru artiste Anu Vaidyanathan about her stand-up comedy hour

City-based artiste and athlete Anu Vaidyanathan shares insights about her stand-up comedy hour, her film scripts and her years competing in triathlons

28 Feb 2023

Grieving loss in the aftermath of earthquakes in Turkey

After the aftermath of the earthquake in the Republic of Türkiye, volunteers from B’luru give CE a glimpse of the help pouring in from the city to the quake-hit country  

28 Feb 2023

For the love of coffee

GD Prasad, the founder of VS Mani & Co, was recently on Shark Tank India, along with co-founders Yashas Alur and Rahul Bajaj, and he couldn’t be happier.

27 Feb 2023

‘Answering people was more tiring than the Wimbledon final’

Tennis maestro Björn Borg and Indian tennis ace Vijay Amritraj, on their visit to B’luru, speak about playing against each other and the nostalgia of tennis in the ’70s

22 Feb 2023