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Singur Tata Nano controversy: How agriculture paid the costliest price for the world's cheapest car

Here’s the political outcome of an issue that eventually damaged the reputation of both the Left government and the Tatas.

02 Sep 2016

Six instances when Zakir Naik's speeches proved controversial

Islamic preacher Zakir Naik is presently feeling the heat after a terrorist involved in the Dhaka attack was allegedly inspired by his speeches.

10 Jul 2016

Dear Messi, was Maradona the matter?

Maradona and Messi are both the greatest of their generation, but they are different.

30 Jun 2016

Even In Death, Kalam Pinned His Last Hopes on Students for Vision 2020

Kalam didn’t want the students to learn his lectures he wanted his students to realize his lectures.

17 Aug 2015

Jethmalani's 'Break Up' With Modi: How the Relationship Soured

Ram Jethmalani\'s \'break up\' with Prime Minister Narendra Modi may come as a shock but not as a surprise.

09 Jun 2015

The Swami Who Rejected Modi as a Monk and Inspired Him to Politics

When Modi was inspired by Vivekananda so much he wanted to be a monk. However it was the head monk of Ramakrishna Mission, Swami Atmasthananda who advised against it and got rejected thrice.

04 May 2015

Will Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature Affect Telecom Operators?

The Whatsapp voice calling feature has been rolled out to all users, whether it stays permanently or not is up to the company to decide.

08 Apr 2015

All You Need to Know About India-Australia Semi-Final Match

The Indians surely look positive for maintaining their unbeaten world cup record since the beginning of the tournament. 

26 Mar 2015

Things You Need to Know About Leslee Udwin and her Documentary on Nirbhaya

Leslee reportedly had panic attacks and felt as if her soul was ‘dipped in tar’ while interviewing Mukesh.

19 Mar 2015

Things You Need to Know About Lakhvi and his Case

Here are the 7 questions and answers which will tells all you want to know about Lakhvi and his case:

14 Mar 2015

All You Need to Know About Masarat Alam

Masarat Alam is a Kashmiri separatist leader who was one of the organizers of the June 2010 anti-India protests in the Kashmir Valley.

09 Mar 2015

40 Wickets in 4 Matches, Indian Bowlers Prove a Point

India has managed to take 40 wickets in 4 matches, implying that they have bowled out every team they played before reaching 50 overs.

07 Mar 2015

'India’s Daughter' Raises More Questions with Less Answers

The documentary is about a gruesome incident that occurred to a young 23-year old medical aspirant in 16 December 2012 and what entails the following two years.

06 Mar 2015

The Indian Batting’s World Cup Potential

The major hope of defending the World Cup is rested on the formidable batting line up to put lots of runs on the board.

17 Jan 2015

The 8 World Cup Winning Captains You Must Know

Kapil DEv\'s greatest feat was to defeat the dominating West Indian team in the finals to lift India’s first cricket world cup.

17 Jan 2015

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