V Sudhish Pai

CM's letter to Chief Justice not impermissible, but appropriate

Recent events have been harrowing — a Chief Minister writing to the CJI making serious allegations against the senior most judge of the Supreme Court.

08 Nov 2020

Why CAA is not against the Constitution

There is more rhetoric than legal reasoning in the contention that the law is against secularism and the Constitution’s basic structure

26 Dec 2019

The Supreme Court does it again

The SC’s direction in the Maharashtra govt formation case may have achieved many things desirable, but it was against the Constitution.

30 Nov 2019

The court and matters of faith

The extensive and expansive use of judicial review and constitutional adjudication as an instrument of what is perceived to be reform arouses profound controversy.

16 Nov 2018

The judge who dissented

Justice Chelameswar, who retired recently, never hesitated to take a different view and plough a lonely furrow

26 Jun 2018

It’s criticism, not contempt your honour

To say judgments and orders should not be criticised—sometimes under the threat of contempt—is a death blow to the rule of law

04 Nov 2017

The passing of a titan

Former Chief Justice of India P N Bhagwati passed away recently, but his legacy will live on in the corridors of law

29 Jun 2017

How far can the judges go?

Power is of an encroaching nature, wrote former US President James Madison. That is true of all power, judicial power is no exception

27 Mar 2017

Strong Case for Meritocracy in Judiciary

Age, geography and a variety of such factors shouldn’t determine the composition of the highest court. To go by seniority, as it is done today, is to deny the Supreme Court the best available talent. The infusion of academic jurists and such other steps will lead to its enrichment

27 Mar 2016

Isreal Conflict