V Suryanarayan

What Sri Lanka can learn from India

Federalism would not lead to disintegration of existing states but rather pave the way for the establishment of a state where multiple identities can coexist harmoniously.

28 Oct 2021

Separate & unequal: Malaysian Indian Tamil proletariat

The Malaysian government should realise that if one part is afflicted with a serious ailment, the whole body would wither away unless it is immediately cured

30 Aug 2021

Lee Kuan Yew and China’s transformation

Deng Xiaoping visited Singapore in 1978 and was very impressed with its rapid economic growth. With Deng on the ascendant in China, Lee’s role increased manifold

31 Jul 2021

A plea for justice for Sri Lankan Tamil refugees

Is systematic discrimination and ethnic violence against the Tamils in Sri Lanka any different from that suffered by the religious minorities in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh?

30 Jun 2021

Death, be not proud: A tribute to RAW’s Chandrasekharan

S Chandrasekharan retired as Additional Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat (RAW). He was in charge of India’s Sri Lanka operations for many years

28 May 2021

Democracy in Myanmar and India’s dilemma

What should be New Delhi’s policy towards democratic struggles in neighbouring countries? Can we remain silent when institutions slowly face extinction?

18 May 2021

Continuing tragedy of war widows in Sri Lanka

The Fourth Eelam War ended back in 2009. But for the women left behind, the battle for survival still continues.

20 Apr 2021

Vote abstention: India’s ties with Sri Lanka

When the savage war became a war against the Tamil civilians, and gross human rights violations took place, New Delhi, by its inaction, became an accomplice.

04 Apr 2021

Dual citizenship for refugees is impractical

Instead of dual citizenship, the TN government and parties should ask New Delhi to confer Indian citizenship on Lankan Tamil refugees who want to remain here

12 Mar 2021

Resolving the fishing dispute in Palk bay

 India and Sri Lanka, if they have the  will and determination, can convert the contested territory into a common heritage

18 Jan 2021

Champion of Progress

31 Mar 2015

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