VR Ferose

The life contained in an obituary

Most major newspapers write obits in advance, long before the famous person has died! But the obit is not about death at all. It is about life. It is one last chance to make the dead live again.

18 Aug 2022

First editions and the birth of the Advance Reader’s Copy

The ARC is the intermediate version between the author’s manuscript and the final printed book sold to the public. It is primarily a marketing tool.

03 Aug 2022

Krishna Gowda: The Bookman of Bengaluru

Krishna is the reason why Bookworm holds a special place in the hearts of booklovers.

13 Jul 2022

Books on science for the lay person

Between 1920 and 2020, the average human lifespan doubled, from approx.

13 Jul 2022

The rise of fascism

Fascism combines totalitarianism and authoritarianism; it involves an extreme devotion to one’s nation over all others and a belief in racial purity.

29 Jun 2022

Why public libraries need to be revived

Across the world, budgets for public libraries have been dwindling and the newer generation prefers their digital devices to physical books.

15 Jun 2022

The Booker in the world of book prizes

L|iterary prizes, whether famous or lesser known, highlight quality literature, give credibility to the author, and have the potential to increase sales worldwide.

01 Jun 2022

Collector’s piece

From the ages of 15 to 25, studies took priority and then I dived deep into collecting with greater passion and obsession as my resources and finances improved.

25 May 2022

The Golden Book of Tagore

Have you ever fallen in love with a book? Falling in love with a book is like discovering your best friend.

04 May 2022

Being funny is no joking matter

Another insight that Cleese gave was that comedians are most funny when they speak in a deadpan, mechanical manner.

20 Apr 2022

Quirky technique of constrained writing

One of the most famous of these constraints is a ‘lipogram’, where a particular letter is forbidden.

06 Apr 2022

Writings around wars

The second World War engulfed every continent on earth and inflicted more death and destruction on people and nations than any other recorded event.

23 Mar 2022

Women & writing

I started the year by reading Nisha Susan’s The Women Who Forgot To Invent Facebook and Other Stories which was hilarious.

09 Mar 2022

Big Little Books

The Great Depression gave rise to inexpensive forms of entertainment: ten-cent motion pictures, free-radio programmes and cheap reading materials.

23 Feb 2022

Holocaust as a genre

The year 2020 marked the 75th anniversary of World War II, probably the most revisited historical period ever.

02 Feb 2022