Vaishali Vijaykumar

Life is her favourite audience

Coming from a family of high achievers, instead of living under the shadow of greatness, 73-year-old Prema Sadasivam, chose to rise, shine and carve a name for herself through a self-exploratory journ

6 hours ago

Nursing gender bias: Meet Stanly Jones, a male nurse at railway hospital

For over two decades, Stanly Jones, chief nursing superintendent at Southern Railway Headquarters 
Hospital, has been trailblazing his way up the social ladder

21 hours ago

Chennai girl makes strokes of bold stories

MBA graduate-turned-artist Ramya Sadasivam’s forte is portraiture, figurative art and dry brushwork.

17 Nov 2019

Keeping up her kerala connect

Though she shifted to Chennai long back, Ponnani native Othaloor VijayaDass Nair cannot do without Kerala meal 

16 Nov 2019

India’s tales made interesting by author Devika Cariapa

The author feels that it’s the responsibility of the writer to keep the children interested in relevant and topical issues.

14 Nov 2019

Bonding over Japanese recipes

Cookpad is encouraging homemakers, budding chefs, culinary students and bloggers to break the language barrier and upload authentic regional recipes of Tamil Nadu online.

14 Nov 2019

This Chennai-based engineer converts trash to treasure

Old batteries, chip boards, diodes —R Durga Prasad uses e-waste to create unique art.

14 Nov 2019

Global folk music takes centre stage at Chennai

Titled, A World Of Music, the MMA choir will be presenting a collection of folk songs from around the world.

13 Nov 2019

Penguin Classics Festival for the win

From catering to committed reading communities to curating literary festivals — Elda Rotor, vice president of Penguin Classics discusses what it takes to run a publishing house in the digital era.

12 Nov 2019

Sustainable switch to spruce up your space

The idea behind the design was to continue the tradition of lighting lamps on auspicious days in a contemporary way.

12 Nov 2019

Walking parents through adoption

This is a first-time initiative in the city by Padme, a meeting ground and support system for adoptive and potential adoptive parents, adoptees and other stakeholders in the system.

12 Nov 2019

Keeping up with Kerala convention

Othaloor VijayaDass Nair infuses coastal charm into her everyday simple, authentic and home-cooked Kerala meal

07 Nov 2019

Grand globetrotters

Age is no bar for husband-wife duo Jaya Sundari and MN Mahalingam, who have been travelling the world for the last 20 years, exploring their inner child

07 Nov 2019

Mandala art for mindful living

Intricate mandalas in vibrant hues of blue, green and yellow can  calm the restless mind and soothe the weary eyes. Chhaya Meena’s mandalas are special.

06 Nov 2019

Punching past prejudice

Lack of financial support does not discourage these young north Madras boxers, who parry skepticism and tackle negativity to go the distance

05 Nov 2019