Vaishali Vijaykumar

In the 'meen' world, Hanif comes up with Freshfins

An interior designer whose heart is hooked on fish, Hanif Mohammed made use of the lockdown to set up Freshfins that works with fishermen to deliver fresh catch to seafood-lovers

8 hours ago

‘Know us for our abilities’

Coimbatore-based disability rights crusader Jayaprabha C talks toVaishali Vijaykumar about her dream of making the world an inclusive place for all

8 hours ago

Gymming with grandma

With one viral video at a time, Chirag Chordia and his 82-year-old grandmother, Kiran Bai, are proving that age is no barrier for fitness or weight-training

01 Dec 2020

‘Cos all you need is loaf

From hand-rolled breads to speciality cakes, Rose Joseph’s Madras Boulangerie has much baked
goodness to satiate your ever-present cravings

26 Nov 2020

Nature to your rescue

Premalatha Mohan, the brain behind Insta Madrasi Tales, suggests a few remedies with natural ingredients that can be quickly whipped up in your kitchen.

25 Nov 2020

The secrets of seeraga samba

Seeraga samba — this indigenous variety of rice needs no introduction. The word instantly brings memories of the humble delicacy of biryani.

25 Nov 2020

An indie revolution

Before the pandemic hit, one of the up and coming sector was the indie music sector.

24 Nov 2020

When entertainment meets social causes

The socio-tainment channel seeks to become the voice of transparent, easy, accessible charity for all.

24 Nov 2020

Radhika Krish's art is a 'glass' apart

A full-time professional with a pharmaceutical company in the US, Radhika wanted to pursue a part-time degree in Fine Arts from Ohio State University in 2008.

23 Nov 2020

A podcast platform for professionals

The architectural photographer launched his debut podcast and video series Everything Comes Together in the end of July.

19 Nov 2020

Margazhi menu in the making...

With this year’s Margazhi music festival moving into the digital space, caterers are drawing up new ideas to keep their business from suffering further losses

18 Nov 2020

Keep it moving

Forging past the discomfort of the ‘gut diaries’, here’s all you need to know about bowel health
and the varying degrees of normal that can be its output

18 Nov 2020

Bringing professionals together in a podcast

The conversations track their journeys through highs and lows, overcoming challenges and incidents that made them who they are today.

18 Nov 2020

An ode to Amdavadi cuisine

Gujarat’s rich history traces its roots to the Indus Valley Civilization and boasts of a rich historical connection with various dynasties such as Chalukyas, Sultans, Mughals, and Marathas.

17 Nov 2020

Seeding the idea of a green Deepavali

We are not preaching this concept as it may go against the sentiments of a few but we want to offer this sustainable alternative to the upcoming generation.

11 Nov 2020