Christians of Kerala, awake!

The oppressiveness of organised religion draws its legitimacy from man-made rules and customs, which are dishonestly attributed to God for stamping them with legitimacy.

08 Dec 2019

SC verdict: A passage to Ayodhya 

As the apex court is set to deliver its judgment today, India is on the cusp—a time pregnant with expectancy and its country-cousin, anxiety 

09 Nov 2019

On the ease of doing democracy

Civilization, as Will Durant documents, involves a transcendence of the tribal way of life in which tribe-against-tribe was the norm.

03 Nov 2019

The helpless nuns of God’s own country

If there is a crime worse than raping defenseless nuns, it is hounding those who, out of spiritual sensitivity, dare to stand by their spiritual sisters

22 Oct 2019

Revisiting Unity in Diversity

Unity in diversity is the irreducible logic of life. Uniformity is its contradiction, necessarily attended by disastrous consequences 

12 Oct 2019

Fetish of separation in Kashmir

Central to the tragic situation in J&K is the mix-up of autonomy with separation. The separatists propagate this deadly confusion

16 Sep 2019

Political perplexities around onam

In the Indian world view, the purpose of an avatar is to combat adharma. The Mahabali myth embodies a contrary pattern

31 Aug 2019

Kashmir as an allegory of pathological minorityism

Between the response, broadly speaking, of the rest of India and that of the people of the Valley, to the present Kashmir gamble, there is a complete discontinuity.

18 Aug 2019

Congress in a deadly dilemma

The grand old party banked heavily on the ‘aristocratic’ facade. Times have changed. Yesterday’s merit is today’s stigma

10 Aug 2019

Tracing the taboo around menstruation

Now that the heat and dust around Sabarimala have settled, we can afford to think rationally and historically about its core issue.

25 Jul 2019

In support of Kerala’s church bill

The politically powerful bishops’ lobby in Kerala is opposing the Bill. By doing so, it is only pushing Christians away from the mainstream

01 Jul 2019

Religion and cultural nationalism

The historical fact that cultural nationalism is not native to India, but an early 20th century import from war-demented Europe, has ceased to bother us.

04 Sep 2018

Japan not just about Shinkansen

The bullet train project, we are told, involves technology transfer. But will it involve culture transfer as well?

12 Oct 2017

Bumbling our way through education

HRD Minister Javadekar’s remark that research was not mandatory for college teachers’ promotions is a step backward

12 Aug 2017