Vernika Awal

Butter makes it better: An essential indulgence

It is not just the savoury meals where butter plays its part. The classic butter biscuit (or biskoot, with pistachios embedded in them) has been a staple in NCR for as long as the memory goes.

18 Aug 2022

The sweet taste of freedom

We are all set to celebrate India’s 75th Independence Day on Monday.

11 Aug 2022

Food beyond that perfect photo

While this may sound quite fancy, none of this is a forced aesthetic. Instead, it is purely functional.

04 Aug 2022

Tales of corn to muse on

Bhutta—challi, as it is popularly called in Delhi and Punjab—in the rains, is a match made in heaven.

28 Jul 2022

Spilling the beans

I soak them on Saturday night and by Sunday morning they bloom into plump beans, splitting at the seams.

21 Jul 2022

Delhi’s tryst with mangoes 

In the Delhi we know today, monsoon is linked to waterlogged roads, mosquitoes, traffic jams, and sweltering days.

14 Jul 2022

Relish Summer’s purple delights

You may have noticed hawkers at traffic signals selling them in baskets atop their heads.

07 Jul 2022

The vibe that is 'Majnu Ka Tilla' in Delhi's mini-Tibet

For all of us who have come to Delhi from other places and found love in the city, there might have been seminal moments that have warmed us up.

30 Jun 2022

For the love of chai

Yet, even as tea is a national unifier, it also has its divisions based on how well you are doing in life.

23 Jun 2022

Taking the legacy of chole bhature forward

Think of Delhi’s street food, and there is no way that chole bhature won’t cross your mind.

16 Jun 2022

A world tour of homemade cuisines

Do you want to have Chinese tonight, or Italian?” If one could have a penny every time someone made this statement, then… you know the gist.

09 Jun 2022

The simple joys of uncomplicated food

Over the past week, I have been going through a sea of change in life. In such times, I’ve always looked for ways to find familiarity.

02 Jun 2022

Delhi romances the rains with comfort food 

This week, the city woke up to the most beautiful weather. It was raining cats and dogs and the winds were gusty too.

26 May 2022

Making phalsa-stained memories 

Phalsa is indigenous to India and is commercially cultivated in Punjab and parts of North India.

19 May 2022

Delhi and its love for chaats

Thoda teekha zyaada daalna (and some more spice)”, I told Raju bhaiya, as he made the dahi wale golgappe for me last evening.

12 May 2022